Qbio Guide (Mechanics, Instruments, Blocks, Seeds, Water objects, Stone objects, Events, Skills, Perks and Local achievements)

Description of the main and important processes of the game.



About cells.

At the beginning of the game, you can choose any of the three game cells. The cell will automatically save the progress when you exit to the main menu or when you exit the game. The progress of the three cells is added to the total game score (top right corner of the main menu). You can develop all three cells in parallel. After you visit any of the cells, it will be considered busy. You can clear the progress of the cell with a shovel (at the bottom of the menu), this will not be reflected in the general progress of the game. All general progress can be reset in the “Total score” menu.

About time.

The game knows what time it is. Landscapes change depending on the real time of day, but this is only an artistic trick, it does not affect the mechanics of the game.

About plants.

All plants in the game continue to grow, even if you exit the game, are in the menu, or switch to the game in another game slot. This rule also applies to some objects such as the Solar Panel and Water Lily.
Note: while you are away, crows will not touch the harvest, but chests will not catch stars for you.

About the philosophy of the game.

The low information content of the game interface is mainly associated with the author’s attempt to push the player to independently explore the gameplay. This is an attempt that carries the following message: “Everything worthwhile in our life comes to us at a great price.”



You can use your hand to drag blocks and seeds from the shopping bar. You can harvest crops, catch coins and stars, and chase away crows. It is the main element of control and interaction with in-game objects.


The shovel can dig out all objects from any blocks.
Note: digging objects with a shovel will only give you experience.


With a pickaxe you can destroy any blocks.
Note: the destruction of blocks does not return the money spent on them.

Water bucket.

With this bucket, you can draw water from any waterblock (even if there is an object on it) and water the plant to shorten its growth time.


The working surface of the blocks is on their upper edge. Grab them by the top.
To a greater extent, this is due to the peculiarities of interaction and overlapping of blocks on top of each other in the two-dimensional space of the game. Also, I’m not a very good programmer yet. Yep. =)

Note: the destruction of blocks does not return the money spent on them.

Earthen block.
Plants can be grown on this type of block.

Water block.
Water objects such as a whirlpool or a frog can be placed on this type of block.

Stone block.
Ground objects such as a scarecrow or a chest can be placed on this block type.


Requires level 1
Grow time: 1 minutes 5 seconds
Costs: 50 coins
Profit: 100 coins + 50 expirience

Requires level 2
Grow time: 2 minutes 10 seconds
Costs: 75 coins
Profit: 150 coins + 55 expirience

Requires level 3
Grow time: 3 minutes 15 seconds
Costs: 100 coins
Profit: 200 coins + 60 expirience

Requires level 5
Grow time: 5 minutes 10 seconds
Costs: 125 coins
Profit: 250 coins + 65 expirience

Requires level 7
Grow time: 7 minutes 15 seconds
Costs: 150
Profit: 300 + 70 expirience

Requires level 9
Grow time: 9 minutes 20 seconds
Costs: 175
Profit: 350 + 75 expirience

Requires level 12
Grow time: 12 minutes 15 seconds
Costs: 200
Profit: 400 + 80 expirience

Requires level 15
Grow time: 15 minutes 20 seconds
Costs: 225
Profit: 450 + 85 expirience

Requires level 18
Grow time: 18 minutes 25 seconds
Costs: 250
Profit: 500 + 90 expirience

Requires level 21
Grow time: 21 minutes 20 seconds
Costs: 275
Profit: 550 + 95 expirience

Requires level 24
Grow time: 24 minutes 25 seconds
Costs: 300
Profit: 600 + 100 expirience

Requires level 27
Grow time: 27 minutes 30 seconds
Costs: 325
Profit: 650 + 105 expirience

Requires level 30
Grow time: 30 minutes 25 seconds
Costs: 350
Profit: 700 + 110 expirience

Requires level 33
Grow time: 33 minutes 30 seconds
Costs: 375
Profit: 750 + 115 expirience

Requires level 36
Grow time: 36 minutes 35 seconds
Costs: 400
Profit: 800 + 120 expirience

Requires level 39
Grow time: 39 minutes 30 seconds
Costs: 425
Profit: 850 + 125 expirience

Requires level 43
Grow time: 43 minutes 35 seconds
Costs: 450
Profit: 900 + 130 expirience

Requires level 47
Grow time: 47 minutes 40 seconds
Costs: 475
Profit: 950 + 135 expirience

Requires level 50
Grow time: 50 minutes 35 seconds
Costs: 500
Profit: 1000 + 140 expirience

Requires level 53
Grow time: 53 minutes 40 seconds
Costs: 550
Profit: 1100 + 145 expirience

Requires level 57
Grow time: 57 minutes 45 seconds
Costs: 600
Profit: 1200 + 150 expirience

Water objects

Requires level 1
Costs: 500 coins
Profit: allows you to store up to 3 scoops of water in the water block. Does not speed up the accumulation process. Water accumulates even when the player is absent.

Requires level 5
Costs: 50 coins
Profit: 0 – 160 coins (the number of coins depends on the level, 75% chance to non-zero) + 100 expirience

Requires level 10
Costs: 1500 coins
Profit: shoots bubbles within a block radius of itself. Small distance but great damage.

Requires level 15
Grow time: 10 minutes
Costs: 1250 coins
Profit: 1700 coins + 100 expirience. Almost a common plant, with a perk it can bring stars.

Requires level 20
Costs: 3750 coins
Profit: 0-120 coins (the number of coins depends on the level). Accumulates coins over time. More charge – more coins that you can tap.

Gold fish
Requires level 25
Grow time: 23 minutes
Costs: 5350 coins
Profit: 600 coins + 100 expirience.

Stone objects

Requires level 1
Costs: 950 coins
Recovery time: 1 minutes 10 seconds
Profit: watering plants within a block of one block from itself, slightly accelerating growth.

Post box
Requires level 5
Recovery time: 1 minutes 30 seconds
Costs: 1250 coins
Profit: -50 – 200 coins (the number of coins depends on the level) + 100 expirience. The penalty can be non-tamed by the perk).

Requires level 10
Recovery time: 20 seconds
Costs: 2000 coins
Profit: it may not shoot very hard, but across the entire field.

Solar panel
Requires level 15
Grow time: 17 minutes
Costs: 3250 coins
Profit: 650 coins + 100 expirience.

Requires level 20
Grow time: 10 minutes
Costs: 1250 coins
Profit: 100 coins + 100 expirience. Smart bees pollinate plants, shortening the growth time and bring honey to the hive.

Magic chest
Requires level 25
Costs: 3750 coins
Profit: if the star hits the chest, it will be caught. Get two stars with the perk.



Tries to eat the harvest. You can drive her away and get coins and experience. The number of coins depends on the level.

White crow.

Does not try to peck the crop, but has much more health than an ordinary crow, and in addition to coins and experience, can throw stars.


The main in-game currency. Can be obtained from plants and utility objects. Often it just falls from the sky. Catch!


Support currency. Stars can be used to purchase plant growth accelerators. They are obtained from auxiliary objects, sometimes falling from the sky and from white crows.


Little boost
Requires level 1
Costs: 5 stars
Profit: if applied to a plant: -15% growth time

Big bucket
Requires level 5
Costs: 30 stars
Profit: +1 bucket stucks. Permanent.

Medium boost
Requires level 10
Costs: 10 stars
Profit: if applied to a plant: -30% growth time

Rubie star
Requires level 15
Costs: 950 gold
Profit: gives 15 seconds to get a star during harvesting from plants with a 50% chance.

Large boost
Requires level 20
Costs: 15 stars
Profit: if applied to a plant: -50% growth time

Requires level 30
Costs: 50 stars
Profit: causes rain for 10 seconds, which waters the plants, fills water cubes and a bucket.


In the process

Local achievements

In the process

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