Quest Escape Room 3 100% Walkthrough

The final game of the quest: escape room set for now at least. This game takes on a different style giving us a couple of rooms each for 3 characters and much simpler puzzles. Other then the endings there is nothing really to miss

Spoiler Warning!


Pick up chair and fire extinguisher
Above the extinguisher and near the vent is a brownish box – use the extinguisher
Use chair on vent
Use key on green box next to door
Move the arrows as the ones above down, right, up, left

Kick bin and pick up key
Use key on blue cupboard
Use disk on computer and use left code 75133254
Count the colours and input on the green stand 764
Use keycard on door

Pick up key from sofa
Go straight down to use it
Use knife on box
Key on cactus
Remote on tv
You can ignore the chest and just go for the ?
If you do kill everything move yourself to the middle or game over
Don’t hit the spikes or mushrooms and pick up the ?
You will end up in a max of boxes. The pink ones will kill you. It turns out its a possible random puzzle so just click on all the clear boxes
Follow the spikes to find your last ? and escape the puzzle
Now use the code on the key

Click on left sides counter
Use screwdriver on clock
Use clues on the statues, the sides matching up with the code
A chest will appear to input your new codes 7233

Click on bookcase and plant
Use key on cactus
Use remote on tv
You will solve a puzzle

Finally use code on door to swap character

Grab the key from the broken wall
Use key on medkit
Use disk on computer for math 123620
Grab the key and use it on the medicine cabinate
You will need to solve more questions, no colours are the same Blue, Green, Purple, Red

Take toolkit from medkit
Click on body for a puzzle, you only need to press buttons

Take toolkit from medkit again
I suggest saving since 1 wrong answer will result in game over
You need to click the body again and answer math equations 7 2 9 6 5 6 8 4 3

Click the bookcase for the code
Go around the rugs counting how many spaces it is to complete them
Input code into door when finished 181168

Bottom right are some fire extinguishers? Click them and use code on vent next to it [spoilers]up left up right down[/spoilers]
Use knife on box
Use lamp on dead lamp above
Click on the photo then use code on door [spoilers]46325[/spoilers]

Look at the book between the 2 bookcases
Click on each bookcase and count the points, including unused ones
Use the code on statue [spoilers]7511[/spoilers]

There are 4 endings depending on who dies or not


Avoid the magic circles
Get the key
Use it on door
Step on the magic circles if you want to die

Remember what colour and arrow fits together Only 1 red door, blue door left, go through gap in wall, come back out and go through orange right
Go through either doors on the side, or pick the wrong ones later on


Click on bookcase to find out the pattern
Remember the patterns from before well you better as you need them again
Get it right and you can leave, ending the game

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