Raft: All Vending Machine Token Locations (31/31)

All 31 Vending Machine Token Locations in Temperance I found so far.. Spoiler alert! If you don´t want Spoilers for Temperance, do not read this guide. Info I found 31 locatations for vending machine token in Temperance so far. If you found another location I missed, please let me know in the comments. Moontown Moontown- follow the […]

Raft: Hat, Head and Helmet Guide (June 2022)

Don´t know what to wear on your head? Find the right hat here in this guide.   Spoiler Alert If you haven´t finished the story yet you might want to NOT check out this guide. Choices To make your character look more remarkable and distinctive there is now a variety of different hats, heads and […]

Raft: Powered Up! Achievement Guide

Have all buffs from meals and drinks active on you at the same time. To get this achievement, you need to eat two power up drinks and 3 power up meals. You can buy the recipes you need from the trading post. If you don’t want to deal with purchasing, the food and drinks you […]

Raft: New Smoothie Recipes (Version 1.0)

Raft V1.0: The Final Chapter is now available on Steam. lots of new content have been added to the new update. here is a simple list of new smoothie recipes in the new version.   What’s New about Smoothie? If you want to improve your kitchen, the new juicer will do the trick! Provide it […]