Rainbow Billy The Curse of the Leviathan: All Rainbow Sparklers (How to Find)

Lost in Star Harbor? Looking for the Rainbow Sparklers for the Parade? Here are some tips!


Getting Started…

Below are screenshots of where to find all the 12 Sparklers. However, if you’re just looking for hints, you can check the center of Star Harbor and interact with the fireworks display :

Exploration Sparklers

Blue Violet
You can find those on the left of Scissow.

This one is a bit above the previous ones.

You can find this one over the pond

The Red sparkler can be found over the car. To reach it, you’ll need to activate the lever in front!

The yellow one is over the theater, on the right of the island.

You can find this one on the roof by using the flower next to the Space Snack!

This one is on top of the entrance of Star Harbor. To reach it, you need to use the flowers behind the door, under the middle pond.

Fishing Pond Sparklers

Those sparklers can be found by Fishing !

You can find the Lime one at the pond in front of the Star Harbor entrance.

This one is found in the middle pond

Carnival Sparklers

Orange & Saffron
Those two sparklers can be bought at the Carnival by talking to the shop keeper!

You’ll need some coins to purchase them, you can find them around Star harbor and by participating in the carnival games.

Once you have enough coins, you can purchase them!

The Parade!

You should now be able to head over to Scissow and deliver the Sparklers to start the Parade!

Thanks to Sprawl for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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