Rainbow Six Siege Director And Designer Joins Guerrilla Games For A Secret Project

Geurrilla Games is the developer of Horizon Zero Dawn and Killzone, the studio has recently been hiring Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six: Siege team for a secret project. It’s spotted by an ResrtEra user, they pointed out that two former Rainbow Six: Siege developers joined Guerrilla this year to work on an unannounced game, and that Simon Larouche, Siege’s game director, Chris Lee Siege’s game designer were recruited.

Since Guerrilla Games is hiring developers who have expertise with first person shooter online multiplayer game, the new project will it be a sequel for Killzone? Killzone was the game that put Guerrilla Games on the spotlight but Horizon Zero Dawn’s success has replaced the position of Killzone to Guerrilla Games. If there is going to have new Killzone, that won’t be a suprise after hired two FPS industry veterans, but if it’s a sequel for Horizon Zero Dawn or a new IP, that would be something worth looking forward to, since they produce constantly high quality games.

Keep in mind that this is just a rumor, an interesting one though since it suggests that Killzone fans will have no more worries about the series’ fate beacuse there is a new Killzone on the way.

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Post Author: Caspar Leblanc