Rainbow Six Siege: How to get Blue Nebula Skin 2021 [NO BAN] [PC ONLY]

In this guide, i tell you how to claim exclusive Blue Nebula skin for 5 steps without ban.


1 step
Download and instal Cheat Engine


2 step
Edited starting parameter

1) Go to Uplay>games>siege>properties and eddit starting parameter to

/belaunch -be

2) if you have r6 in steam or egs change parameter in all markets where you have siege

3 step
Download Kyo.CT


4 step
Getting skin

1) Coppy this id


2) Open Kyo.CT

3) Launch game in Uplay

4) Then in cheat engine click on monitor

5) Reopen this monitor before you see rainbow six in list

6) Click on r6s and click ”Open” then click ”Yes”

7) When game starts loading check first id, instead ?? you can see your id

8) Dobble click on id and put coppied id here then click ”ok”
(you must do this steps where you loading in to the game)

9) Where you loded in game check notifications and you can see Blue Nebula skin

10) quit the game

5 step
Deleting starting parameter

1) go to uplay and other stores and delete the starting parameter

2) Launch game and now you have Blue Nebula skin on your account

If you want you can delete cheat engine and Kyo.CT

If i help you pleace reward this guide or donate me: https://www.donationalerts.com/r/unluckyofficial

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    (October 26, 2021 - 8:39 am)

    hi ! thx for lean this turtial but there is problem that this is old file that you share it pls upload new one to get that i rly need that pls do that thx <3

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