Rakion Chaos Force: How to Stage 49-51 Rank S

Rakion Chaos Force is a free to play online Action RPG which focuses on intense battles with RPG style characters and settings to provide an engaging fighting experience. here is a guide on how to stage 49-51 rank s.

for stage 49 Have in your team if or if 1 wizard, 1 archer and 2 melee can be ninja swordman or blacksmith
for stage 51 Have on your team if or if 1 wizard 1 archer and 1 melee can be ninja swordman or blacksmith

1) Use preferably your set “G.Reaper” “since few know that this set does help a lot in the” basic modes “I assure you that it will make you take 1 to 2 hits from the enemy creatures and you will lower them a little more
2) Have any Nack of preference the “whitenacks” Normally in these stages in a “basic” way it does not allow you to use creatures but I tell you that if you can and how do you do it? Well, I tell you that in the basic modes, if you allow yourself to invoke any type of spider “nack”, they will be of great support in these stages since they will greatly distract the enemy creatures
3) having positions of “Chaos MaX” these positions are really very important since you can transform quickly and with just one key in chaos mode unlike the other potion “chaos +1” I do not recommend it much because it takes seconds to transform and in these stages in 1 second they can kill you, you can get them in connection bars 8 9 or 10
4) Have positions of “Hp = life (red)”, “Ap = armor (blue)” and “cp” points to summon creatures (white) preferably the most expensive ones that go up 40% and 100 units because if you buy the little ones won’t cure you too much life and you can die.

I hope this helps you guys!! ^_^ ENJOY THE GAME!!!!!

By stuck

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