Rakion Chaos Force: Tactical and Pratical Stage’s

Rakion Chaos Force is a Free to Play Online Action RPG which focuses on intense battles with RPG style characters and settings to provide an engaging fighting experience.  here are some tactical and pratical content for stages, hope these guide will help you.


Stage 11: Here you go to the room on the top floor with no creatures to kill the sorcerer and immediately return to where you were born. ( It ends in 1 minute and it was a fast contraction place between the first 30 stages, but I wouldn’t recommend using it now. )

Stage 24: You do not even touch the creature here.You do not even need to wear a pod. You can press the HP pot and fill your life with the last 15 seconds and finish the section as S rank.Counting 4 minutes After 4 minutes, if your health is above 80%, it ends as S. If your health decreases (if you do not leave the shifted, it will not decrease) You can press the HP pot and fill your life with the last 15 seconds and finish the section as S. I pressed enter. (When I was in the first 30 stages, I entered here and leaned my back against the wall, pressed the shift and pressed enter.

Stage 29:Most of you do not know the tactics of this place, so it may not be S 🙂 Maybe you are protecting the golem here, but just protecting the 2nd goal is not important. Sometimes the bug is falling and there is no S.Restart the stage.And go rank S 🙂

Stage 39: At first, you are cutting BOSS creatures. All of them are already dead when you cut the boss.Do not step inside after passing through the last portal, call the creature in front of the door and cut the bull that runs over you.

Stage 45: You enter 2 people here. You clean your own rooms and meet in the middle right away, and if you have a mage, he cuts the golems and the other player cuts 4 archers. Then the creatures come out, you don’t have to cut them. After a while, the BOSS flamer comes out, you finish it as S when you kill it. (I definitely recommend this place to friends who want to level up with 2 people in 2 minutes and get 927 xp with sparta set.)

Stage 53: Those who know this S already know that many of us have done it the same way. You should definitely have 1 archers or sorcerer. As soon as you are born, you are hiding behind a stone and the creatures that come out do not see you. you are going to the region, waiting there under the bridge, and after 20 seconds, the Devil creature comes out again (Icewind), your sorcerer or archer cut it, and then you go to the last region from the bridge. After 20 seconds, the Devil creature comes out again, and your archer or sorcerer cuts it with range and finishes the game, so the S rank is complete. Devil creatures: firstly; Golem,secondly Icewind and last Dragon.

Stage 60: You must have a wizard here. You must have a Chaos pot. There are 4 BOSS ( South soul,East soul,North Soul,West soul ) creatures in the middle and all creatures die when you cut them. pieces come out and you can cut them quickly with mage chaos and finish the section as S.

We will add more content later.

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