Ranch Simulator Big Map (Beginner Tips)

Beginner guide along with a big Ranch Sim Map. (may contain spoilers)


Ranch Sim Big Map (clean)
Below is a enlarged image of the game map. No extra marks on map.

Beginner Tips (Work in progress)

Hens lay fertilized eggs at 10am and normal eggs at between 4pm and 4:30pm.
Eggs take 3 days to hatch into chicks.
Eggs hatch at 8am
Chicks take 5 days to become a rooster or hen.

All wild animals you kill create Wild Meat. (you get other meats from animals you raise at your ranch, Pork, Beef and Chickens)

You can milk your cows at 8am and again at 4pm.

coming soon

Try to sell all food items at the burger restaurant (across the street from car dealer). Go into the back door and you will see a menu board with the days specials listed as well as a price multiplier. Try to sell things on special to get the best money

Sorry so short currently. I will try to get more added. I mainly created for the map. I hope to also add a map with my hunting route soon.

HUNTERS MEAT WAGON (not needed as much now (due to coolers) but early game it helps a ton)
You can add extra storage space to the UTV….
Start by adding planks to the outer edges of rack, front of plank goes on the front rack bar….

Then add planks into the middle section…

You end up with a great meat wagon.


Note: We will update more beginners’ tips later.

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