Ravenfield: FPS Boost 2020 (ALL MACHINES)

This Guide is about all the things in Ravenfield since the Game will be on Full Release Next Year it wold be up come next for the game. This is just a given Task you have to do in order to play a Simulation FPS type game more smoothly and Fast Fame rate. This game was powered by Unity so don’t be surprised if everything you saw is kinda buggy because it is.


FPS is very bad across most machines at the moment, mine (Intel Core i3-8145U and a Intel UHD Graphics 620) is dropping below 60fps at 50+ bots but that’s just my Laptop (Their is a More Powerful PC that can run Ravenfield on full Settings) its called Gaming PC Available for Laptop and Desktop. These are some methods I’ve learnt and use to recover some FPS before a patch is dropped by SteelRaven. Don’t Worry, there is 2 Options to Run Ravenfield Better

Certain Ravenfield mods such as weapons or vehicles take a very hefty toll on performance, to fix this follow the steps below
But first, Disable all mods (Via custom vehicles/weapons tab pre-match) to see if mods are an issue. If no boost is gained skip this step entirely.

If mods are an issue, it is always recommended to give bots standard weapons, those which you did not get from the workshop. The best weapons to allow bots are,

M1 Garret

.357 Condor


Medic Bag
Ammo Bag

Modders sometimes don’t take into account the amount of detail in their mods, especially with vehicles. It is best to choose vehicles from the workshop that fit the Ravenfield style, here a guide:

Left: Very detailed, sharp and reflective
Right: Rounded, Ravenfield style

Your settings may be the culprit, here’s the fix.

Box men models: (Enable this when dropping below 60fps with large bot numbers.)

Full screen: (Always on, every game)

‘Simple Graphics’ or put it of “Fastest” for a Simple Term (This provides an FPS boost whilst retaining visual quality.)

Field of View: 70 FOV (Less objects rendered in is always good.)

Weather Effects: (Off – like you’re really staring at nature in the midst of a battle.)

Color Correction: (Leave it on, I get worse FPS with it off.)

Cloth Physics: (Off, for a minor benefit but it adds up.)

Bloom: (Again, off for a minor change, but do as you will.)

Anti-Aliasing: if you don’t know what is that. Click here to learn More[en.wikipedia.org] putting the Anti-Aliasing on full setting is not a good ideaonly for Potato Computers like yours if you want more fps its a good idea to put that on off. Besides, you will see pixels at the side of any texture, text box, etc.

Ambient occlusion: Put that on Low but it depends on your computer idk it cost a lot of graphics Card to do that Click here to Learn about that[en.wikipedia.org]

Change this if you really need to. Drop down to 1280×720 for the most FPS boost with little visual change. Further drop to 640 × 480 for the absolute best increase.

Beta Branch
its Better to Put on Beta Branch Because its makes it much better if your Running more than 5 mods and improved your FPS. Besides its only matter of fact its makes it better on Beta Branch for the mean time until the Full Release of Ravenfield is Released of course.

Option 2
Upgrade your PC this Cost a lot of money. But in your Defense, if you want a Gaming PC Go Buy One idc besides its more faster than a non-gaming PC

Bonus: PC Testing
Now if you have the time whats inside your Computer How about testing your Computer
Click here[www.pcgamebenchmark.com] its free, No virus,and it Dosent Require big Space to download it

Follow these 3 simple Steps

1.) Download the test app

2.) Click the app that you Downloaded

3.) See your Results

Note: that means you will be Determine what type if PC parts your using that Runs your Computer and what should you do But its all up to you 😉

This guide was Originated By lil ♡ peep abov3n and Remastered By Me (Crucialcap93098)

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