Ready Or Not: How to Create Your Own Dedicated Server

This guide will show you how to create your very own dedicated server in Ready or Not.


Hello and welcome! If you’re looking to create your own dedicated server in Ready or Not (RoN), you’ve come to the right guide. With your dedicated server, you can create your own map and mode cycles and moderate it as you please. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Setting Up
You will need to foward the following ports in order for your server to be visible in the server browser.


  • 7777
  • 27015

Next, you will need to find ReadyOrNotServer.exe.

The default location for it is C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\ReadyOrNot\

Create a shortcut to ReadyOrNotServer.exe

Once you have created the shortcut, right click it and open its properties. Click on the “Target” field and enter the following at the end.

  • -log -GAMEINI=Dedicated01.ini -port=7777 -queryport=27015

You are now ready to launch your dedicated server.

Server Configuration
In order to configure your server, your server needs to run for the first time to generate Dedicated01.ini. Double click the shortcut and let it run until the console has stopped for at least 15 seconds. Once your server has been booted and running, close the console and head to ReadyOrNot\Binaries\Win64\Dedicated01.ini.

You can customize a lot of things in here, but mainly you’ll be configuring everything at the bottom of the .ini file. Pictured below is my own server configuration, “Nom’s Night Ops” with Arrest and Rescue being the only mode and the maps only night.

Specific Server Configs

  • Servername: The name of the server.
  • MapList: A map in the map cycle.
  • Password: The password to the server. Leave blank if you don’t want a password.
  • MaxConnections: The maximum number of people that can be connected to the server.
  • AdminPassword (blacked out): The password to the admin panel which can be accessed in the pause menu.
  • RoundTimerGameStart: The amount of time it takes for the round to start. Immediately goes down to 5 second once all players have readied up.
  • RoundTimerBetweenMaps: Unknown for now. Haven’t done much research into it. Let me know if you know what it is.
  • Reinforcement Timer: The amount of time it takes for reinforcements to deploy.
  • TimeLimit: The maximum time it will take for the round to end.
  • RoundsPerMap: The amount of rounds it takes to complete one match.
  • ClientNetSpeed: Unknown. Let me know if you know what it is.
  • RespawnTimer: The amount of time it takes for the player to deploy. Only applies to certain modes.
  • LoggedinAdmin: People that can access the admin panel in the pause menu. Uses steamID64.

Map List

  • RoN_PVP-Training_Core_Night?game=AAR (Dam – Night – Arrest and Rescue)
  • RoN_PVP-Training_Core_Night?game=VIP (Dam – Night – VIP Escort)
  • RoN_PVP-Training_Core_Night?game=KOTH (Dam – Night – King of the Hill)
  • RoN_PVP-Training_Core?game=AAR (Dam – Arrest and Rescue)
  • RoN_PVP-Training_Core?game=VIP (Dam – VIP Escort)
  • RoN_PVP-Training_Core?game=KOTH (Dam – King of the Hill)
  • RoN_PVP_Shoothouse_Core_v2_Night?game=AAR (Shoothouse – Night – Arrest and Rescue)
  • RoN_PVP_Shoothouse_Core_v2_Night?game=VIP (Shoothouse – Night – VIP Escort)
  • RoN_PVP_Shoothouse_Core_v2_Night?game=KOTH (Shoothouse – Night – King of the Hill)
  • RoN_PVP_Shoothouse_Core_v2?game=AAR (Shoothouse – Arrest and Rescue)
  • RoN_PVP_Shoothouse_Core_v2?game=VIP (Shoothouse – VIP Escort)
  • RoN_PVP_Shoothouse_Core_v2?game=KOTH (Shoothouse – King of the Hill)

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