Ready or Not: AI Mod Configuration

Tweaked and tested with randoms for immersive and realistic gameplay. Now a random team should be able to clear most missions (drug house, car dealership and gas station at least) with some solid teamwork (by random team standards).   Ready or Not AI Mod Configuration First of all thanks to Kronzky’s spreadsheet I was able […]

Ready or Not: How to Clear Rooms (Standard Operating Procedures)

The following is a document detailing the Standard Operating Procedures (S.O.P.) provided in Karmakut’s “How To Clear Rooms in Ready or Not” Youtube video. For full context, please see the video linked inside this document.   Full Video General S.O.P. Do not cross in front of a doorway threshold regardless of whether it’s open or […]

Ready or Not: How to Get a Machine Gun

Guide to ultimate unlimited ammo gun in game   Step 1. Head to the locker Step 2. Choose “TAC700” Step 3. Switch to “Full Auto” Step 4. Profits Congrats, now you have the most OP weapon in game. Go ahead cyka rush B. You don’t have to reload. Just hold LMB, and you’ll have unlimited […]

Ready or Not: Entry Team Operations Guide

This guide seeks to provide beginners with a good foundation to build upon regarding entry team operations in Ready or Not.   Preface This guide is not meant to be a “best tactics” list nor the ultimate, definitive guide to tactical operations. The guide is meant to be a primer for further independent studies and or development […]