Realm Royale: How to Duplicate Items (2020 Working)

i found a ”bug” to duplicate items which is legal, you need at least one person on your team to duplicate items.


Steps To Dupe
Step #1
Collect enough Shards to revive your partner in the Forge

Step #2
Once you have the items you want to duplicate you have to give it to your partner (Weapons and Skills)

Step #3
His partner has to die, committing suicide with the ”Plasma Launcher” or being killed by an enemy.

Step #4
Pickup the items from your friend died and revive him in the forge, once you revived him in the forge he kept his items.

This works with all weapons and abilitys.

Credit to Joako
All Item Lists


Potions are consumable items that can be found in crates around the map or crafted at a forge. They restore health or armor when consumed and are automatically picked up when a player walks over them. A player can only carry up to 10 of each type of potion. Potions must be used for 2 seconds before they take effect, regenerating 300 Health/Armor on successful use.


A player can equip two weapons at once, but he can’t equip the same weapons independent of their rarity. If the player tries to equip the same weapon he already has, but in a better quality, the game automaticly switches the bad against the good weapon. Weapons in the game are obtained as items from chests, legendary zeppelin chests, or through Forging. Most Weapons have a Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary variant, each stronger than the previous one. All variants can be found in chests scattered across the map, some Legendary weapons can only be found in Gold Chests and Loot Goblins, and some Epic and Legendary weapons can also be obtained through Forging.


A player can equip three abilities at once, one movement ability, one offensive ability, and one supportive ability. Most abilities and movement abilities in the game are obtained as items from chests. Most of the abilities and all movement abilities have a Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary variant, each stronger and/or with a shorter cooldown than the previous one. All four variants can be found in chests scattered across the map, some Legendary abilities can only be found in Gold Chests and Loot Goblins, and some Epic and Legendary abilities can also be obtained through forging.


Runes are modifiers in the game that allow players to gain buffs and useful benefits such as bonus movement or reload speed. Runes are obtained from Chests, Loot Goblins or can be forged in the forge.

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