Receiver 2 Compound Challenge Dome Floppy Disk Locations

Location of each of the 10 challenge dome floppy disk


Compound Challenge Dome Floppy Disk Locations


Challenge Dome
1/10 Targets Big

Entrance Hall Desk
2/10 Targets Small

Shooting Range next to the “pool”
3/10 Targets medium

Sensory Deprivation Sink
4/10 Targets Random

Meditation Area (left, part-covered by yoga mat)
5/10 Drone Patrol

Conference Room Chair
6/10 Drone Attack!

Entrance Hall Statue Head
7/10 Turrets Easy

Entrance Hall Vent (interact to open)
8/10 Turrets Hard

Helipad center
9/10 Turrets Elimination

Secret Room Desk
10/10 Bowling!

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