Receiver 2: Rebinding Controls/Tweaks

Easy to reach key placements that should be more intuitive than default setup. I also wanted revolvers and pistols to have similar key locations even though some of their functions are a bit different.   The Purpose of Rebinding The Controls / Who This Would Appeal To Firstly I wanted to change the locations of […]

Receiver 2 Compound Challenge Dome Floppy Disk Locations

Location of each of the 10 challenge dome floppy disk   Compound Challenge Dome Floppy Disk Locations   Challenge Dome 1/10 Targets Big Entrance Hall Desk 2/10 Targets Small Shooting Range next to the “pool” 3/10 Targets medium Sensory Deprivation Sink 4/10 Targets Random Meditation Area (left, part-covered by yoga mat) 5/10 Drone Patrol Conference […]

Receiver 2: All Decrypted Notes

All decrypted notes left by Charlene. Includes how to solve them yourself.   How to solve the notes yourself If you collect enough of Charlene’s notes, she will reference the cipher for the encrypted notes is a vigenere cipher. You will need a password or keyword to solve it. I used this vigenere cipher decoder […]

Receiver 2: Tips & Tricks for Surviving

A general purpose, ‘here’s some basic tips to help you survive’ guide.   Preface. Or; “How words work.” For the purposes of this guide, I’m using “levels” instead of the actual ingame terms, since I find it easier to remember. The Order is Initiate (1) > Sleeper (2) > Sleepwalker (3) > Liminal (4) > […]

Receiver 2: All Firearms

Here is a list of all firearms in Receiver 2. we will add more firearms to the guide as you are reading this right now.   S&W Model 10 Smith & Wesson .38 Hand Ejector Model of 1899, Military & Police, Model 10 Capacity: 6, .38 Special History: The Model 10 set the pattern for all […]

Receiver 2: Some Tips to Help You Along

I’ve been playing for a couple of hours, and enjoying it thus far with few issues. Figured I’d post a few tips and tricks I’ve picked up along the way to help my fellow Receivers on our ongoing journey to Awakening. 1) When shooting a gun, learn to focus not on your target but on […]

Receiver 2 Save Files Location

Receiver 2 is now available on Steam. if you have save issues and want to find the save files location. you get to the right place.   Receiver 2 Save Files Location C:\Users\<your name>\AppData\LocalLow\Wolfire Games\Receiver2 Note: the new game seems have some bug that lose progress when you quit the game. the Dev said that they […]