Record of Lodoss War Deedlit in Wonder Labyrinth: All Bosses & Cutscenes

Timestamps of all bosses along with tips for beating them. Cutscenes are also timestamped within the video’s timeline.


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Abram 2:35

During his long range water beam attack: You can fit directly under him and strike. Be careful to avoid his snout.

When he appears in the background and fires globs at you: Run to one side of the arena and either jump over or duck under them. There is no set pattern to this attack.

His basic wide spread attack: Match your element to his and attack.

When he leaps across the screen: Get ready to switch to wind element and hover over the attack. Can also get in some down attacks if you’re brave.

Pirotess – 1st Time 4:46

Pirotess has a low resistance to light. Spamming the Will O The Wisp spell is a relatively low effort way of beating her.

When flipping over you: Just don’t be directly underneath the apex of her semi circular flip. Run to the side where she began the flip or in front of where she will land.

Hook attack: Just jump over it.

Flipping magic attack: Match your element to her attack and then hit her when she lands.

Sword swipe: Jump over her.

Djinn & Efreet 6:18

Spamming Will O The Wisp while standing in your matching element is a cheesy way to finish this fight as it gives you infinite mana.

The fight is really just as simple as switching your element to match whatever attack is coming at you. The specific mechanics of the attacks don’t really matter as you don’t need to dodge.

Just be aware that the djinn are immune to their respective element and that you will need to be fire to hurt Efreet and wind to hurt Efreet.

Shooting Star – 9:39

Be aware that he is weaker when you’re attuned to wind than when you are set to the fire element.

Switch fire element during his flame breath spray and when he launches exploding fireballs.

Switch to wind when he does a green breath and then hover off to the far sides of the stage.

Karla & Flaus – 12:20

Karla Phase:

Jump behind Karla when she is launching elemental attacks.

Run to the sides of the stage when she launches the pillars of magic.

For the spinning balls of elements that sweep across the stage you only have to match your element to them.

Flaus Phase:

Try to keep some distance between yourself and Flaus. Boomerang is one of the best weapons for this fight as you want the distance to read her attacks. The majority of her attacks need to be jumped or hovered over, she will telegraph her jumping attacks slightly.

Karla & Demon God – 15:51

Karla Phase:Electrical balls need to be ducked under or jumped over. Make room for yourself during this attack.
Purple blasts are poisonous.Really, just try to get behind her as much as possible.

Demon God Phase:

Try to kill the wolves immediately when they appear.
Match element for the wolf/lion heads.
Make sure you try to stay away from underneath the sword.

Narse – 19:44

Match your element to his breath attack and then be ready to switch during the middle of it.

Use your backdash (LB on the controller) to position yourself correctly during his lunging bite. He’ll back up a few steps before initiating it.

During the laser attack: Switch to wind and hover at one side of the arena.

When he jumps into the background and starts firing purple energy down on you. You can get a rough idea of where the blasts will be from where they end up at the top of the screen.

Beld – 24:35

Straightforward fight. Try to get used to using backdash during this fight instead of turning around and running.

Get behind him during his dash attacks and position yourself in-between his pillar style attacks.

It’s important to backdash often during this fight due to how quickly many of his attacks come out and you’ll need the spacing in order to see what is actually happening.

Ashram – 26:49

Phase 1:

Make sure you are set to fire element when the floor is lit.

Better to fight Ashram at a range due to the wide angle of all of his close range attacks as well as the fast startup frames on his dagger throws.

Phase 2:

Continue to use your bow to assault him from a distance.

Don’t stay in the lightning bolt lines.

Jump over the orbs.

Duck underneath or jump over his jump to grab attack.

During his mist form attack: Run to the edge of the screen and jump over the incoming mist cloud towards the center of the arena.

Karla Boss Rush – 30:23

You’re going to have to fight most of the bosses up until now. Your only choice is to become good.

Final Boss – 39:11

Phase 1: Heroes Phase.

Every hero has a predictable moveset.

Parn (Fighter): Running slash, be ready to jump over it immediately and then he will repeat it. Best to attack with spells during this instead of striking.

Slayn (Mage): He will open up with an explosion directly in front of him. Get behind him or just backdash. After that he will charge up for an arena wide beam – you have to get behind him or hover over it.

Woodchuck (Thief): Stay away from in front of him on the first dagger throw then be ready to jump over the second one.

Etoh (Priest): He will attempt to heal the boss. Just attack him to interrupt this.

Ghim (Warrior): Jump over his dash attack. Then jump over his axe throw. The second axe throw can be ducked under.

After this the cycle will repeat.

When low on health two dragon warriors will be summoned but it’s possible to end the fight before reaching this.

Phase 2: Nihil

When the purple flame braziers spread out they will start a beam attack towards the center. You have to high jump immediately and then hover over them to dodge this.

The carousel elemental attack is straighforward. Match your element to the incoming line and jump over the stone eyes.

Use magic to get rid of the dark bats easily.

When the braziers are spouting purple energy blasts during the vertical pillar segment, just move to the opposite end of the arena to make it easier to dodge.

The brazier’s cannon blasts also simply need to be backdashed and make sure you’re not trying to jump over their blast area as they will explode and hit you regardless.

When the background turns purple and a grid appears you will need to switch to wind and hover in-between the spaces.

Try to be constantly casting a spell. Due to the nature of Nihil’s elemental attacks your mana will be filled up often during this fight.

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