Red Dead Redemption 2 All Grave Locations – Paying Respects Trophy Guide

Spoilers Alert! 

As you go through the story of Red Dead Redemption 2,you will lose some important members of your gang, if you want to visit your fallen friends again then check out the full list below, as Reward, you will get a trophy by going to each of the graves and pressing “inspect” on them. These can be completed once you’ve finished the story, so don’t attempt to do this until you’ve complete it! If you haven’t finished the story then I highly recommend you don’t read any further. 

Here comes all graves locations

Jenny Kirk

Jenny is one of the characters that doesn’t make it through the snowstorm portion at the beginning of the game. We never actually meet her, but she’s mentioned in Arthur’s Journal. Her grave is at the very northern part of the map in the snow.


Davey Callander

Davey was part of the gang, but was injured during the Blackwater robbery that started all of the issues that were covered in the story. He ended up dying on the way to the first area you end up holding up at in the mountains. His grave is not too far south of where you found Jenny Kirk, and is near the broken down church.


Eagle Flies

Eagle Flies is part of the Wapiti tribe and you end up attempting to help them out towards the end of the main story. He saves your life, but is shot in the process. You can find his grave up near Donner Falls overlooking the waterfall. The grave isn’t technically marked, but you’ll see the sash he wore hanging from a large branch that has been stuck into the ground.


Susan Grimshaw

Susan was kind of the head female of your gang and kept the peace around the camp and made some tough decisions during the story. After Micah is accused of being a rat, she takes the side of Arthur but after being distracted is shot and killed by Micah. You can find her grave to the west of Van Horn Trading Post, near the Elysain Pool.


Hosea Matthews

This one is probably one of the saddest deaths in the game. Hosea was the old wise-man of the group, and had the most level head. He was more often than not on Arthur’s side when it came to risking the gang’s lives on some of Dutch’s plans. He was killed during the bank robbery of Saint Denis, and his body was recovered and buried while you are marooned in Guarma.


Lenny Summers

Lenny was the young guy who was good on the job and had more of a no nonsense attitude. You also get really wasted with him and have a fun time in a bar early on in the game. He’s killed in the same bank robbery of Saint Denis as Hosea Matthews. They are buried right next to each other to the east of Lagras.


Kieran Duffy

Kieran is another sad case. He was briefly with the O’Driscoll gang, but is captured by the Van der Linde gang. He ends up saving Arthur’s life and ends up joining up with Dutch and crew. He isn’t immediately accepted among the gang, but gains some trust as time goes on. Unfortunately, Kieran is eventually captured by the O’Discrolls. He is tortured and murdered and his corpse is sent to camp sat up on a horse. His grave can be found east of the Braithewaite Manor.


Arthur Morgan

The biggest death in the game is the character you play the majority of the game. You’ll find the grave to the east of Donner Falls and not too far from where Eagle Flies is buried. If you had a higher honor rating and got the “good” ending then the grave will be covered in flower, but if you were lower rating then it will have none.


Sean MacGuire

The final grave is between some trees by the water (Flat Iron Lake), near Rhodes.


If you are not able to find them by locations we marked on the map, here is a video that can help you to find where exactly they are.


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