Red Dead Redemption 2 Bounty Values For Each Crime

When you commit a crime in Red Dead Redemption 2 and get caught doing it, you’ll get a bounty on your head. Sheriffs will hunt for you, also bounty hunters will after you and they’re tough to get rid of you could be asked to leave town or even banned if your bounty level is too high.  if you’ve killed a Sheriff or any police, you’ll get shot on sight. Depending on the crime, your bounty will rise by different amount, measured in money. The higher the bounty on your head the severe the punishment. And here is all the crimes and the bounty value of it.

Animal Cruelty Low (Medium for kills) $5
Arson Low (in the wilderness) /
Medium (in towns)
Assault High $5
Bank Robbery High $25
Cheating Low $5
Disturbing the Peace Low $5-$10
Intimidation Medium $5
Jail Break High $25
Kidnapping High $10 ($15 for lawmen)
Looting Low $5
Murder High $15 ($20 for lawmen)
Robbery Medium $5-$10
Rustling Low $5
Theft Low; Medium for horse theft $5 ($10 for horse theft)
Train Robbery High $50
Trespassing Low $5
Vandalism Low $5
Unarmed Assault Low (in towns) / Medium
(in the wilderness)


You can gett rid of your bounty easily by pay your bounty to the station clerk at your nearest train station, or just let them  arrest you.


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