Redout: Enhanced Edition – How to Toggle Auto-Accelerate & Remap Buttons

Redout is a very high speed game, and the best racers tell us they never let go of the accelerator. This guide shows you how to use Steam to customise your joypad and toggle the accelerator to stay on, without having to hold the button down (and save your finger). You can also remap any buttons you want to.


Enter Big Picture

You can only edit controllers through Big Picture Mode. From the desktop Steam, click the Big Picture Mode icon in the top right of the screen, then click Settings (the cog).

Controller settings

Click ‘Controller Settings’.

You need to give Steam permission to configure your controller, so click the box next to your controller – in this case, it’s an Xbox controller.

Enter configuration for Redout

Go back to the main screen, select ‘Library’, then ‘Redout’.

Select ‘Manage Game’, then ‘Controller Configuration’.

Select custom configuration

From Controller Configuration, select ‘Browse Configurations’.

Go to ‘Community’.

Select ‘Standard Redout with accelerator toggle’.

Click ‘Done’ and you’re finished!

You can now leave Big Picture Mode, and Steam will remember your settings.


When you’re first on the starting grid, press the accelerator all the way and let go. You’ll notice the bars of the engine power continue to climb. You don’t need to press the accelerator again until you exit the game completely.

If you would rather do it yourself…

The default button set for Redout uses the right trigger to accelerate, so we can set it to toggle on or off with each press, instead of holding it down. However, you can use the same method to toggle any button that you may use to accelerate (be careful with the ‘A’ on the Xbox controller though, as this also controls the menus).

Select the right trigger by clicking on it.

Configure accelerator

Set the ‘Soft Pull Action’ to ‘Right Trigger’.

Set ‘Full Pull Action’ to ‘W’ (the default keyboard button to accelerate – this will give full acceleration).

Toggle accelerator on

Be sure ‘Activation type’ is ‘Regular Press’ for ‘Binding’ to ‘W’.

‘Toggle’ must be ‘On’.

‘Interruptable’ must be ‘Off’.

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Post Author: Robins Chew