Remorse The List: 100% Achievements Guide

Guidance for obtaining 100% achievements!



Remorse: The List is a short survival horror game featuring 16 achievements.

The game requires at least two full playthroughs. First recommended playthrough:

  • Play on normal difficulty (can’t play on hard yet).
  • Don’t use any medkits or first aid boxes.
  • Unlock all missable achievements.
  • Save before the last choice and get the good ending.
  • Load and get the neutral ending.

Second recommended playthrough:

  • Play on hard difficulty.
  • Get the bad ending.
  • Complete the game in less than 2 hours.


Childhood Memento
Obtain the toy car.

Distant Memory
Obtain the photo of Agnes.

Bloody Omen
Obtain the bloody coat.

Remorse: Normal
Cleared Remorse: The List in the Normal difficulty.


Good Ending
Beat the game and see the good ending.

Neutral Ending
Beat the game and see the neutral ending.

Bad Ending
Beat the game and see the bad ending.

The game features three endings wich depend on three decisions. These decision must be made before obtaining the three story items (toy car, photo of Agnes and bloody coat). There’s always a good and a bad option to choose from. If you choose all three good options, you will unlock the good ending. If you choose all three bad options, you will unlock the bad ending. And if you choose at least one good and at least one bad option, you will unlock the neutral ending.

The good options are:

  • In the basement of the Block Nine building, place the “Table of Freedom” disk.
  • In the hospital, don’t kill Agnes. Instead, burn all three items in the incinerator.
  • In the house with the crime scene, follow this path:
    1. Sadness
    2. Maybe it’s easier that way
    3. Blame the person who did it
    4. No, I would no do that

The bad options are:

  • In the basement of the Block Nine building, place the “Table of Judgement” disk.
  • In the hospital, kill Agnes.
  • In the house with the crime scene, follow this path:
    1. Anger
    2. Vengeance
    3. Vigilance
    4. Make him suffer


Remorse: Hard
Cleared Remorse: The List in the Hard difficulty.

You must complete the game on normal difficulty before you can play on hard difficulty.

Fast as Lightning
Beat the game in less than 2 hours.

Self-explanatory and easy after completing the game once.

Like a Pro
Beat the game without using any medkits or first aid boxes.

Self-explanatory and easy if you save regularly. If you die in the house at the end of the game, you can choose to restart from the last checkpoint. Doing so will restore your full health and the achievement won’t be nullified.

Missable Achievements

Monster Slayer
Defeat one enemy of each type.

There are 11 enemy types in the game and it’s impossible to complete the game without encountering at least one of each.

First Enhancement
Obtain the backpack.

Second Enhancement
Obtain the tool belt.

Weapon Obsession
You have used every weapon in the game.

Treasure Hunter
Find all the hidden collectibles.

Voice from the Past
Listen to all the voice tapes.

All 2 inventory enhancements, 7 weapons, 8 hidden collectibles and 4 voice tapes are listed in the sections below. Note, that you have to use all of the weapons to unlock “Weapon Obsession” – finding them isn’t enough. These are all weapons:

  • Shovel
  • Uzi
  • Hammer
  • Frommers
  • Shotgun
  • Taur44
  • AKR

⋗︎ Hunyadi Street (Part I)

Brick Layer – at the building site:

⋗︎ Imre Square

To access this optional area, find the padlock key in this house on Hunyadi Street:

Use the key on the gate at the end of Hunyadi Street:

Flavio Brothers – on a bench next to the checkerboard:

Shovel – the weapon can be found in front of the Andai Sport shop:

Backpack – in the Andai Sport shop:

Uzi – find the block three key in the Andai Sport shop, leave the shop and enter the building on the left. The weapon can be found on the third floor:

⋗︎ Feketey Park

Hammer and Leg Pouch:

⋗︎ Underpass

Frommer – while searching for the crowbar:

⋗︎ Hospital (Outside)

Tape #1 – on the second floor of the Block Nine building, next to the medical ECG results:

MetroIV – in the Kakukk bar, next to the medical MRI results:

⋗︎ Hospital (Inside)

Pak-Man – in the laboratory room with the right side of the brain:

Shotgun – shortly before finding the left side of the brain:

Galaxa – shortly after finding the left side of the brain:

⋗︎ Rekoczi Street

Taur44 – immediately after entering the Rekoczi Street from the Feketey Park:

⋗︎ Kolcsey Street / Domb Street

Goofy Monkey 2 – next to the hunting store:

⋗︎ Abandoned House

Hyper Kontra – outside the abandoned house, on a table-tennis table:

Tape #2 – inside the abandoned house, open this door:

⋗︎ Maros Street (Part I)

AKR – in the machine-tool shop:

⋗︎ Police Station

poKet Beasts – in the evidence archive:

⋗︎ Maros Street (Part II)

Tape #3 – at the crime scene:

⋗︎ Hunyadi Street (Part Ii)

Tape #4 – in the final house:

Thanks to Hanni for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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