Remothered: Broken Porcelain Walkthrough (Spoiler Free)

A spoiler free, simple, summed up walkthrough.




In this game, you must run and hide from stalkers to survive. You can use hiding spots such as wardrobes and lockers, for example.


You’ll find distraction items to help you fool the stalkers. Distraction items include music boxes, talking dolls, cups, bottles, bricks, etc.


Beyond distraction items, you’ll find defensive items: these ones will help you free yourself from death when grabbed by enemies and also will give you the ability to stab them on the back while they’re distracted.


Another important thing on this game is the mirror. There, you can save manually (although the game has autosave function) and also full replenish your health.


You can find Moth Keys around the game to upgrade your skills later on. Search for them, because they’re important to help you be stronger and wiser! You’ll find a box in the basement for leveling up your skills, just before the Projection Room. You’ll know better in the guide.

• Walk around, grab some items
• When the stalker appears, try to run and shoot him with the nailgun you have, but he’ll catch you eventually



• Approach the chair to trigger a cutscene
• Follow Andrea upstairs and then inside your room
• Get out of your room (Room 212) and walk through the corridors
• Check the tray Andrea left on the ground, examine it closely
• Run from Andrea. You can hide in the wardrobe at the end of the corridor or in the one inside your room, for example
• Wait for Andrea to go away. She will go back to sit in the lounge room, past the tray you just examined earlier. You’ll hear her doing some sewing. Go to this lounge room but don’t run. It’s preferable to go ducked since stalkers can’t hear you in this “stealth mode”. Go through the corners of the room, opposite to where Andrea is looking so she doesn’t see you. Go through the door with the “EXIT” sign above it
• In this new room, remember the stairs that go down. Proceed to the door at the end.
• Going through the door, you’ll be at what I’ll call the “green corridor”. Turn left and enter the first door
• This is the laundry room. Go to the back of the room to watch a cutscene
• After Andrea leaves the room, go to the washing machine and examine it to take the Phone Key
• Hide inside the locker at the end of the laundry room, the camera will show it briefly
• Remember the lounge room where Andrea is sewing? Return there and examine the phone on the wall
• Press the buttons in the following order: 213#
• The phone will ring in room 213 and Andrea will go there. Hide and wait for her to go back to sewing
• Go inside Room 213, now that Andrea unlocked it (it’s the room parallel to yours, “Room 212”)
• Examine the locker to discover it needs power to open, and also the number to call for technical assistance: 62-131
• Enter the bathroom to find the Electrical Cable
• Remember the stairs that go down? Go down there and then through the door
• Use the cable in the panel to your left, this will restore power
• Go back to the phone in the lounge room and call 62131 (press the buttons in this order)
• The technical assistance will give you the new reset code for the locker at Room 213: 3214. Go there to press these numbers and unlock the safe. Pick the Balcony Key inside and use it in the glass door at the same room
• Walk through the balcony. When Andrea spots you, start running to the end. Move the green garbage bin under the window so you can go through it
• Go to your left and examine the newspaper at the end, on the wall
• Hide inside the wardrobe in the opposite side of the room
• Get out of the wardrobe and grab the keys hanging on the wall
• Unlock the door


• Run from Andrea and hide anywhere
• After you lose her, you can use distraction items to make her go after the noise they make, or you can try to use the TV in your room. Approach her back while DUCKED (or else she’ll hear you) and a button will prompt for you to press. You’ll stab her (VERY IMPORTANT: For you to stab her, you NEED to have a defense item with you. As you may know, you can find them on tables, inside drawers, etc.)
• I don’t know if this is confirmed: I guess only one stab will be enough to make her fall to the ground, but you might have to do this twice. When she falls to the ground, try to grab the keys she dropped, only for her to get up again
• Do the same: run, hide, wait for her to go away, use a distraction and sneak behind her to stab her back again
• Finally, grab the Master Key she drops
• Go to the corridor that leads to Room 212 (your room) and Room 213. There’s a locked door next to them that leads to the stairs. Unlock it and go through to watch a cutscene



• Follow Lynn
• Press the button that shows on the screen for you to get up
• Go ahead and walk to the end of the room. The double doors are locked. Go through the right door and the next door to Ashmann’s office will be locked. A phone is ringing inside
• Turn right and grab the Ashmann’s Room Key hanging on the wall next to the desk
• Go back to that “Green corridor” at the second floor, but instead of turning left to the laundry room, go straight and unlock the first door
• Walk ducked to your left so you don’t wake Ashmann and grab the Ashmann’s Office Key on the small table next to the bed
• Go back to the Ashmann Office at the first floor to unlock the door
• Examine the phone on the desk
• Examine the portrait that fell from the wall


• Grab the Fire Extinguisher that the camera shows to you, next to the office door and equip it
• Hide from Ashmann and wait for him to come closer. When he does, quickly stand up against him and aim+use the extinguisher on him until it goes empty for the moment
• Run, hide and repeat the proccess one more time, only for him to grab you


• After the cutscenes, take a look at the HUD to your up right. See a moth icon? This is a special power you have now. Press the button right next to it when your power is fully charged to execute it
• In this “power vision”, search for the freezer door and a highlited panel next to it. Examine it to blow it up
• Duck and hide from Ashmann behind the meats until you find your way out of the freezer
• After Jennifer closes the door, hurry and hide inside the locker
• When Ashmann goes away, exit the locker
• In this part, you’ll be facing not only Ashmann, but Andrea (again) and Elisa too. You can either go ducked and avoid all the three stalkers that are lurking in the entire restaurant area or you can just run past them. All you need to do is go through this restaurant to a door that leads to a balcony
• A dog will appear in front of this door. Turn right and go to the end, go through the small square hole on the wall to your right
• While inside this room, quickly use your special power and go to the dog at the door. Press the button that prompts on him, this will make Andrea come to the dog, wait for her to do so and she will “free the door” for you to go through. Do it
• Going through the door, run to your left until you reach the door at the end and a cutscene will trigger



• After the cutscene, quickly use your power again. Go to the highlighted jukebox at the end of this area and press the button that will prompt. That will distract the red nun and Elisa can sneak past her. Follow her while you’re in this power vision. You’ll need to do so to guide and protect her
• When she enters a room, examine the keys that are up the wardrobe
• Quickly turn the camera to the opposite side and turn left at the end of this room. Press the button at the wardrobe to help Elisa hide inside it before the red nun appears
• When Elisa goes out to the balcony, quit the power vision
• Now, you must sneak past the Red Nun until you can exit to the balcony
• At the balcony, turn to your right and meet Elisa inside the room


• Go to Lynn, to the left
• Play with the basketball, it doesn’t matter if you win or lose



• Just press the buttons to go down the rope
• Duck to go through the fallen shelf
• Go through the door behind the desk
• You’ll need to turn on the lights, so go back to the previous room and examine the light panel to the left of the door behind the desk
• Go inside the room again
• You’ll need to find 3 “Phenoxyl documents” here:
1st – Right next to the TV, to your right, as soon as you enter
2nd – Go to the end, to your right. It’s on the wall
3rd – On a column to the opposite side of the room
• In this room, you’ll find a save game/heal mirror. Next to it, a box that you can use your Moth Keys to upgrade your skills
• Remember the 2nd document you found? It was on a wall next to a garbage bin. Push it to reveal a hidden door on the wall to Jennifer’s left, go through it
• Take your time to explore and know this entire area. It’s small by the way. Take advantage while the next stalker doesn’t show up. You’ll discover that you need to turn the Projection Room’s power back. To do so, just turn that light switch again (the one next to the door behind the desk)
• Return to the projection room and examine the projector
• After the cutscenes, exit the projector room through the door to your right. Turn right again to discover another hidden door, go through it
• Grab the Nailgun attached to the wall at the end of the room
• Examine the microphone on the desk
• To escape Porcelain, quickly turn left and examine another hidden door to unlock it. Go through it and you’ll be back to the projection room corridor


• The game will show you a brief scene that the blue light stuns Porcelain. There are three lights of this type in this area:
1 – At the end of the Projection Room corridor (left side)
2 – At the end of the Projection Room corridor (right side)
3 – At the room that you found the three Phenoxyl Documents
• You must examine these lights closely for it to work. You’ll have to hold a button and then press another right afterwards. When Porcelain starts to get closer, examine it right away for it to work and stun him! Do this one more time and he’ll run away
• Return to that room with the microphone and examine it again. Turn left and go through the hidden door once more


• Follow Jennifer
• When you find yourself against a locked door, go to your right and push a magazine holder to discover a square hole on the wall to your left. Go through it and unlock the door for Jennifer


• Follow Lynn
• After the scene, press the button for you to get up
• Find a locker to hide yourself inside while you wait for your power to recharge
• When you power is recharged, use it
• In power vision, go to the double door that Lynn just went through, and then inside the ventilation shaft to its right. Inside it, turn left and then you’ll be in the garage. Press the button that prompts above Elisa to help Lynn
• Exit power vision, go through the double door and meet Lynn at the garage


• With the nailgun equipped, shoot the lights hanging from the ceilling as Porcelain walk under them. This will make the moths around him go away by a brief moment. Take advantage of this to shoot him as many times as you can. Repeat this process until he hides inside the ventilation shaft. Be careful! He’ll be back once more. Do the same again and again until you finally defeat him
• After he’s gone, enter the car through the back door


• Press the buttons that will prompt
• Examine Rosemary’s right arm to free it
• Examine the remote to your right and press the buttons that will show up
• Go to the end of the corridor (keep pressing up) to go with full speed and try to break through the door. Repeat this two more times
• Turn left and walk to a desk with Rosemary’s bag. Examine it to grab the Recorder
• Next to the fallen wheelchair, search for a speaker box attached to the wall, with the icon of a moth. Stay next to it, equip the recorder you just picked up and wait for the man to talk. When he does, press the “aim” button, wait a little and then press the button again to stop using the recorder
• Go through the door at your left. Walk straight and enter inside the first door to your left
• Examine the locker on the desk to use the voice recorder and unlock it with voice recognition
• Grab everything inside, including a Revolver
• Return to where you found Rosemary’s bag. Go to the door at the end of the corridor to discover it’s chained. Shoot it after you equipped the revolver
• Go through the door
• Go through the door at your left
• Turn left again and examine the door that leads to the stairs, Porcelain will grab you and knock you out


• Examine the items around the area and grab as many bricks as you can
• Equip your Nailgun. Let the Red Nun approach you and then sprint quickly, running from her. When you do this, she will use the fire, trying to hurt you, but you’ll be far enough to be safe from this attack. While she uses the fire, the moths around her go away, giving you the chance to shoot her with the nailgun, so do it! Repeat this until a cutscene triggers


• Now there will be two Red Nuns: one on the first floor and another one on the second floor.
• Hide somewhere and wait for your power to recharge
• Use your power
• In power vision, quickly go to the red nun at the second floor: Press the button that prompts on her so you’ll stun her + the red nun that’s on the first floor. Take advantage of this to throw a brick on the red nun that’s on the first floor with you. After that, both Red Nuns will return to their normal, agressive state.
• Repeat the entire proccess (hiding, using power to stun the nun on the second floor and then using a brick to damage the red nun on the first floor) until you make the red nun on the first floor collapse. Examine her body to find the Nailgun with her. Retrieve it back
NOTE: If you’re out of bricks, examine the area to find more. There are many.


• With your power, stun the Red Nun on the second floor again so you can shoot her with the nailgun as many times as possible. Repeat this process until she falls



• You’re back at the restaurant, go to the room that you guided Elisa to hide inside a wardrobe with your power vision
• Grab the Closet Key on the white cabinet
• Exit the room and go to your right, going through the door to the balcony
• Turn right and use the key on the door, go inside to trigger a cutscene


• Go to the next room to watch a scene
• Go to the room that has a microphone on a desk and examine it
• Porcelain will appear through a new hidden door. Go through it and climb the ladder


• Remember what I called the “green corridor”? Go there
• Head straight to the end of the corridor and examine the door to your left, that’s the “Cinema Room” but it’s locked. A cutscene will be triggered
• Follow Andrea until she enters a room
• Crouched, open the door carefully and use your power to stun Andrea
• Crouch again and go to the cabinet on your right, inside the room, to pick up the Cinema Key that’s on it
• Exit the room
• Unlock the cinema room door with the key you just grabbed
• Pick the Before Saying Goodbye Film Reel in the end of the room and try to exit the room to watch a scene
• Quickly escape from Ashmann, running back to your Room 212. Examine the fireplace to open the trapdoor back to the basement


• Go to the Projection Room
• Use the film reel In the projector


• With Lynn, examine the item to your right


• The objective in this part is pretty simple. You must chase the red nun and attack her. Do this a couple of times and don’t lose track of her


• Watch the scenes. In this final part of the game, you’ll have to make a choice. Each one of them will lead to a different ending. This part here has no secrets, it’s 100% just interactive. Enjoy the ending of this amazing game.

You just finished Remothered: Broken Porcelain.
Thank you for using my guide!

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3 thoughts on “Remothered: Broken Porcelain Walkthrough (Spoiler Free)


    (October 19, 2020 - 10:24 pm)

    Thanks for this guide, I usually don’t use guides but this game is so buggy that I had to, anyway this game isn’t as great as Tormented Fathers, just visuals are better and that’s it, story is too damn confusing and I mean not like Nolan’s style 😀 Thank again <3


    (October 23, 2020 - 8:53 am)

    Thanks for this guide. Super helpful. This game is so poorly done, even without the bugs, that I would probably have quit on the first level if not for this (well, and because I hate scrubbing through video walkthroughs to find the one thing I need)

    Really, it’s ridiculous how much they took all the worst parts of the first game and made them even worse, though the levels are a little less sprawling at least. The glitches though. Yikes.


    (November 1, 2020 - 2:54 pm)

    Excellent guide. Thank you for taking the time to write it.

    I really enjoyed the first Remothered, but this one… Ugh. I thought it started out okay but fell apart about a third of the way through. Too episodic, too many confined spaces and frustrating fights, too much getting stuck up on scenery when trying to escape, and the story became incomprehensible. It feels like they rushed it to get it out in time for Halloween.

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