RESIDENT EVIL 2 Re-New Content and Changes

Resident Evil 2 Remastered Edition” has a lot of changes compared to the original version. It can be said that it is completely re-made. In addition to better graphic details, there are many new contents, such as puzzles and map areas(the Trophy lists has revealled this month). Please see the following “Resident Evil 2 Remastered Edition” changes let’s take a look.


Not a remake

For the people that have even played it a thousand times, we wanted it to feel fresh. That’s why we don’t call it Resident Evil 2 Remake. It’s a new game built on top of the foundation.

Fourth survivor and tofu modes confirmed

The fourth survivor Hunk mode unlock needs to be cleared once by Leon and Clair and achieve a certain rank; while the tofu mode is more strict, you need to use Hunk for the fourth survivor game, and continuously pass 6 times in 2.5 hours to unlock.


Adaptive difficulty

Adjust the difficulty of NPC according to the player’s game level.


Enhanced narrative

This story has been redesigned. Compared with the ridiculous story scene of the old works, the dialogue and the lines have been reborn. The role dialogue of the cutscenes is more realistic and the story is more compact. For example, Claire’s first encounter with Shirley is more authentic.


More realistic characters

Developers have made a lot of changes to the character’s settings to make it more realistic, such as the elimination of Leon’s shoulder pads, and Ada’s default appearance costumes set into windbreakers and sunglasses to add mystery, of course, don’t worry, role Other clothing can be unlocked by various conditions, but the default mainline character costumes strive to be true.


Room layout, enemies and sound design changes

The Change of player perspective, In order to achieve better game effects, everything has to be redesigned, room structure and level, camera following angle, dubbing and where the enemy appears.


Boss fight changes

Because the change of perspective causes the boss battle to be redesigned, the player aiming angle and the behavior of the boss, the developer encourages the player to make full use of the new perspective, move and observe the boss behavior pattern and take actions, and the typical tyrant’s action is redesigned. Make it harder for players to deal with.


new puzzles

Due to the redesign of the scene and the room, this game provides a lot of new puzzles. Even if you are an old player who is already familiar with the game, there will still be new puzzles to surprise you.


the orphanage

As a caring for those players, the game has added a new regional orphanage. We don’t know the details yet, but we know the game mode is to use Shirley to explore and survive in an orphanage.


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