Resident Evil 7 Biohazard: Bedroom Banned Footage DLC Walkthrough (Includes Ratcatcher Achievement)

This guide provides a step-by-step walkthrough of how to beat the Bedroom Banned Footage DLC in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, as well as the location of all three rats to earn the Ratcatcher achievement. Video gameplay is included.


Part One
The game begins with Clancy waking up into an empty bedroom. Marguerite then walks in with a tray of food and a lantern which she places to the left of Clancy.

After saying a few things she asks you what you think of the food. Options for how to respond will then pop up on the screen, it is suggested that you pick the first one as the others may make Marguerite mad.

Marguerite will then leave the room, once she does make sure you grab the spoon. you do not have to eat the food on the plate, but you can if you want to. We don’t judge. Remove the latch keeping you from leaving the bed and walk over to where Marguerite placed the lantern, make sure you grab that as well.

With the lantern in hand walk over to the dresser. There you will find a small vase.
Examine the vase and find the lighter inside. This will be important later.

Walk over to the clock on the left side of the bed and examine it. The clock will then drop one of it’s hands. Make sure to pick it up and make your way over to the grandfather clock by the window.

Use the broken hand to unlock the door and grab Untitled Painting A, which can be found inside.
Take note that the time on the clock reads 5:00, as that will be important later.

Once you grab the painting, a noise will be triggered which alarms Marguerite. Make sure you close the grandfather clock and place the lantern back on the hook before you return to bed to wait for Marguerite.

Part Two
Once the timer runs out, Marguerite will enter the room. All she does for this round is make sure you haven’t gotten out of bed and moved things around. Once she leaves you can get back up and grab the lantern again. (If Marguerite found out that you’ve been out of bed, use the spoon to unscrew the latch)

Walk over to the corner of the room where a painting is sitting on a barrel. Grab Untitled Painting B and walk over to the desk where the candles are. You can ignore the spiders for now.

Remove Untitled Painting C from where it is on the wall and place each painting so they match with the shaded spots. This will open the book where you can find a sewing needle inside.
Remove each painting and place Untitled Painting C and Untitled Painting B where you originally found them.Go back to the dresser and open the first drawer if you haven’t already. Inside is a note that states “The same time as all the other clocks.” (Remember 5:00)
Don’t forget to close the drawer after you are done reading the note. We don’t want Marguerite to know you’ve been snooping around.

Using this information, walk back to the broken clock, replace the broken hand with the needle and set the time to 5:00.

Just like in the base game, the bed will move to reveal a locked door underneath. An alarm will sound as well, causing Marguerite’s timer to start. Quickly place the bed back by clicking the clock and put the lantern back on the hook before waiting for Marguerite.

Part Three
Once the timer runs out, Marguerite will walk in the room with a new tray of food. This one is also optional to eat.

Grab both the fork and the burner that are placed beside the pot on the tray.
it is suggested that you open the pot as well, but that is optional.

Once you’ve grabbed everything you need off the tray, get out of bed and grab the lantern. (If Marguerite found out that you’ve been out of bed, use the spoon to unscrew the latch).
investigate the items you’ve picked up and find the ones that hold symbols, go over towards the locked door across from the note and using the symbols you’ve found, input the code Snake, Leaf, Apple. This will open the door.

Inside the locked room you will find a shadow plinth similar to the ones in the base game, though this one does not work.

Ignoring the shadow plinth for now, find the boarded up door by the tapped up camera, use the fork to take out the main screw keeping the door boarded up.
Inside you will find Solid Fuel. Grab the fuel and run over to the barrel where Untitled Painting B is being kept.

Combine the burner with the fuel to make sure you can light it on fire.
Remove Untitled Painting B and replace it with the burner.
Light the burner on fire and quickly grab the cork screw attached to the bottle.
When you light the burner on fire, the bottle below will break, which will alarm Marguerite. Quickly remove the burner and place Untitled Painting B back where it was before you put the lantern on it’s hook and wait for Marguerite.

Part Four
When the timer runs out, Marguerite will walk in the room. All she will do for this round is look to see if anything has been moved. once she leaves, you can get out of bed and grab the lantern again. (If Marguerite found out that you’ve been out of bed, use the spoon to unscrew the latch).

Take the cork screw you obtained from the bottle and remove the cork keeping the lantern hook in place.

Return to the locked room and do the same with the lantern hook in there.

Once you’ve grabbed both hooks, combine them to create the Iron Statuette

Walk over towards a coat rack which can be found in the corner hidden next to the closet where the fuel was being kept. On the coat rack, there is a jacket with journal entries from Jack inside. The first one is just a warning to be careful around Marguerite, while the second entry tells you where you can find a knife hidden in the room.

Using the information from the second entry, return into the bedroom and look behind the dresser next to the locked room’s door. Behind the dresser you should find a knife. grab the knife and return to the locked room.

Using the knife, cut the tape keeping the camera shut and place the lantern inside (make sure to keep holding the knife after this). go to the plinth closest to the large painting inside the locked room and place the Iron Statuette on top of it.

Once you’ve properly aligned the statuette, go the the farther plinth and using the fork, do the same thing.

This should unlock the cage holding the snake key. While holding your knife, grab the snake key and exit the locked room.

Inside the bedroom you will find Marguerite. She will jump at you, but with the knife, Clancy will stab her in the neck.

As she is screaming on the floor, move the bed away from the hidden door using the clock and quickly unlock it with the snake key.

As you walk away, Clancy’s vision will begin to glitch, ending the game.

Location of all three rats
Rat 1
The first rat can be found by the location of Untitled Painting B behind what looks to be an old wooden window covering.

Rat 2
To find the second rat, you first need to make sure you’ve grabbed the fork and that you have opened the second dish Marguerite Baker has given you. Use the fork to eat whats inside
then examine what was underneath what you ate, you should find the second rat hidden inside.

Rat 3
The third and final rat can be found in the locked room on top of the bookshelf across from the door.

Video Walkthrough
If you’re still struggling, here is a video that you can watch of the full gameplay (no commentary):

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