Resident Evil Revelations: XP & BP Farming 2021

This is a method to farm both XP and BP rather quickly.
You should be able the do it in under 1:30 and with a bit of practise even faster (My personal record is 1:13)
This will give you 6k – 6.5k XP and 110k – 120k BP every time you do it.


Step 1: Guns
You will need a lightweight gun. Doesnt matter which one, just any gun with the lightweight-modification. Use it when you just have to run through the hallways.
Then you will need a damage gun: Now the important part is that you equip “Medal of Courage”. You can get that part in Abyss stage 7/8/9 with Trinity bonus. This allows you to do the damage you would normally do if you were the same lvl as the enemy is, even though your lvl is lower. This part is very important for this method. Of course magnum is the strongest weapon but rifle works just as well. (However i reccomend if you use the magnum to have gluttony 5 equipped)

Step 2: Preparation
First of all select stage 1 in Abyss.
Then lower your lvl. I personally reccomend lvl 20. I´ve grinded this a lot and can say it works best for me. At lvl 20 you still do decent damage while still getting enough XP and BP. If you search this method on YouTube most will have lvl 16. That´s fine as well.
Also make sure to replenish your comsumables after every run. You dont wanna run out.
I like to use Jessica for rifle and Lady Hunk for magnum since they each have mastery 4 on these guns.

Step 3: The Run
First thing you do when you spawn is to select BOW-Grenades. You will need them later on.

Then you enter the first room. Kill all enemies and make sure to kill the explosive one first since he is most likely to cause you getting damaged.

Then you enter the second room. Its a long corridor that you can just run through without getting harmed. Just dont hesitate and go for it. I promise you if you do it properly you won´t get hit.

You can also get the BP-Star on the wall for a bit of extra BP but that´s just optional.

Be sure to have the BOW-Grenades equipped as you will need them right now.

Once you enter immediately throw one on top of these boxes to your right.
It will distract the enemies behind that corner and you can once again sprint through the whole corridor all the way to the kitchen.

For this part just stay as close to the left shelf as possible while also running forwards. You should be able to pass that enemy safely.

Now once you entered the kitchen you can get the BP-Star to your right. (again optional)

Now position yourself on the hatch at the floor right in front of the soda machine.

Wait there until the enemy charges you (may take a while), then dodge.

Now just enter the final room and kill all of them. Try to kill the explosive one first. If you have problems there use BOW-Grenades to distract them. With a bit of practise you will know the Spawns and wont need Grenades anymore.

Congratulations, you did it. Keep in mind that the amount of BP will depend on your accuracy.

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