Retail Royale: You Need to Know About Ranked Mode

Hi this guide will tell you about ranked mode


Ranked mode? Is it coming soon

Welcome before we get started i want to say that as of right now RANKED mode is NOT released
if thats all u was looking for then there you go. ( i will edit that once its out )

Anyways moving on so we know ranked mode is not out right now but it leaves us curious to how we might ranked up and will there be skill based matchmaking or just ranked based.

I believe it will follow a simple elo system i have attached an image of what i believe the ranks could look like ( not the best made them in about 5 mins ahaha )

I Believe elo gain will go from

Bronze > Silver > Gold > Diamond

Some cool ranks i came up with was

Employee > Floor Staff > Staff Manager > Investor > Store Manager

The elo gain would be out of 100 per rank eg;
Employee 0 – 100 > Floor staff 100 – 200 etc

And the gain would be

Employee + 30 per win | 0 entry fee
Floor staff + 23 per win | -5 Entry fee
Staff manager + 19 per win | – 9 entry fee
Investor + 16 per win | – 11 entry fee
Store manager + 16 per win | – 15 entry fee

Per kill + 4

Its a simple elo gain system i made of course coming top 3 etc and maybe playing in duos having different rank system would be nice to look at.

Anyways i like this game alot and i see it having an awesome future!!!
if anything is not clear im sorry

I hope some small communities get together and try to make mini tournys etc maybe with discord nitro prizes of just for fun ;p

( p.s ) some mini games could be a cool feature like dodge the chairs where u throw items at each other dealing alot of damage etc.

Thanks to Retail Row for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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