RetroMania Wrestling GamePlay Tips with Finisher Move List

Here are some useful tips for you to start the game. we will add the finisher move lists for you at this post.


How to Irish Whip
Once you have your opponent in a headlock, press left or right or any corner + the run button to do an irish whip in that direction.

How to throw your opponent over the top rope in a Retro Rumble
Way 1: When you have an opponent in a headlock and are near the ropes perform a body slam by pressing weak + Up. You should be facing the center of the ring when you do it. Note that your opponent should have less than half their health in order for this to work. It can be done if they have more health but it is rare.

Way 2: While your opponent is prone in the corner and if they are low on health use a wrestler with a strong move that is a dropkick or the wind-up punch or perform a 3 punch combination by pressing the weak button 3 times in a row. This will send him over the top rope.


Need to build your momentum up with doing moves or using the Taunt Button. Once flashing you can do your finisher.

Jeff Cobb – Tour of the Islands – Strong Against Running Opponent
Austin Idol – Tombstone Piledriver – Right + Strong Grapple
Road Warrior Animal – Running Powerslam – Right + Strong Grapple
Road Warrior Hawk – Back Breaker – Right + Strong Grapple
Big Stevie Cool – Steive Kick – Right + Strong Grapple
Colt Cabana – Colt 45 – Right + Strong Grapple
Johnny Retro – Starship Pain – Corner Strong Grapple
Blue Meanie – Meaniesault – Top Rope Strong
Tommy Dreamer – Dreamer Driver – Right + Strong Grapple
Hollywood Nova – kryptonite Krunch – Right + Strong Grapple
Nick Alids – Kingslynn Cloverleaf – Strong near opponents feet when they are laying vertical
Zach Sabre Jr – Standing kimura lock – Right + Strong Grapple
Brian Myers – Heat Seeking Elbow – Top Rope Strong
Matt Cardona – Radio Silence – Stong while running at opponent
Nikita Koloff – Russian Sickle – Strong against Running opponent
Warhorse – Double Foot Stomp – – Corner Strong Grapple

Credit to Retrosoft Studios



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