Retrowave: The Best Way to Earn Money

In this Guide I will show you my personal favorite mode that seems to be the best way to make a lot of cash! This will help to unlock a lot of Achievements as well because most of them are bound to buying cars.


Which mode to pick?

After trying all the different playable modes, I came to the conclusion that Time Bomb is the way to go for multiple reasons.

Why Time Bomb?

Well, all other game modes are pretty short and won’t give you as much money as Time Bomb.

The main reason for this is that Time Bomb is an endless game mode in which you have to drive in a truck over a certain amount of speed to prevent the bomb from exploding.

How does Time Bomb work?

As previously mentioned, Time Bomb is an endless mode in which you receive points for the distance you drive and for keeping above the speed limit of 100 km/h.

You will receive points for nearly missing other vehicles on the street too. This can snowball quite a bit if you can manage to get a long streak going. It takes a bit of practice to get really good at it though.

You can abandon your run by stop driving or crashing into multiple cars quickly – this will end up in depleting the timer of the bomb.

How to choose Time Bomb

  1. Pick a car of your liking (this doesn’t matter but is necessary to continue)
  2. Hit Next
  3. Select Time Bomb
  4. Switch the difficulty to Hard
  5. Choose a map of your liking

Stats for those who care

It takes roughly 40 minutes to reach a total distance of 100 which roughly equals 12085$.
This is a fix amount!Keeping above 100 km/h for most part of the level grants you up to 11774$ – this can and will vary a bit depending on how many times you crash or bump into cars.

Nearly missing other cars can grant you up to a very high amount of money. It always depends on how many times you nearly missed a car and how big of a streak you can keep up.

Important note

It’s important to choose the hard difficulty since it spawns more cars on the street!
This might add some sort of difficulty multiplier to the run as well – I’m not sure about this though.

Additional note

This mode provides you with the most money if done right. You don’t need to play this mode for 40 minutes straight to get a bunch of cash, you could also split it in multiple runs with different distances if you want to do so.

Thanks to Y E E T and YAK-74 for the best way to get money. all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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