Return of the Obra Dinn: How to Uncap Your FPS Without Mods

Looking for a smoother experience on a high-refresh display? This guide will explain how to raise/uncap your fps limits without any mods!


How to set launch options
Navigate to the game in Steam, right click on its name, and click Properties.
On the General tab, you should see a box at the bottom titled Launch Options.

Choosing which launch option to set
Are you looking to sync your fps with your monitor’s refresh rate? This is the preferred option; for example choosing this option with a 144hz monitor will make the game run at 144 fps.

  • Add “syncfps” to your launch options, without the quotes

Are you looking to completely uncap your fps? This will make the game run as fast as your pc can render it. WARNING: The devs have said this is not thoroughly tested and “may cause unexpected logical errors in the game.”

  • Add “freefps” to your launch options, without the quotes

Optional: If your PC is struggling to even hit 60 fps, you can try setting “30fps” instead, which will cap you at a lower refresh rate of 30 fps.

Once you’ve added your chosen launch option (I recommend syncfps), close out the window.

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