Reversion The Return All Achievements Guide

Here is a lists of all achievements in Reversion – The Return (Last Chapter) game. each achievement has the explations. if you have any problem about the achievements guide. Let me know.


Achievements List

  1. Introduction Achievement

Start a new game

  1. The orphan Achievement

Listen to Victoria’s shocking story

  1. Cupid Achievement

Help the unexpected couple find a little privacy

  1. Drinking buddy Achievement

Make the guard fall in love with the wine

  1. Teddy Achievement

Find out how to win the teddy bear

  1. The fast and the furious Achievement

Win Hit Those Moles twice in a row

  1. Addict Achievement

Win Hit Those Moles five times

  1. The elephant Achievement

Scare the elephant!

  1. Don’t feed the animals Achievement

Accidentally feed the zoo monkey

  1. The planet of the apes Achievement

Shoo the monkey away!

  1. Rescuing Pablo Achievement

Rescue Pablo from the hands of Sergio’s minions

  1. Home sweet home Achievement

Reach your home, abandoned for 20 years

  1. A very busy girl Achievement

Try to convince Victoria to join one of your missions

  1. Locksmith Achievement

Open the doors in your house’s corridor

  1. Back to the future Achievement

Find the Flux Capacitor

  1. Where there was fire Achievement

Find the photo of Florencia

  1. Things to remember Achievement

Discover the crystal disc

  1. Admission rights Achievement

Try to enter the Communications Center without the proper ID card.

  1. To the rhythm of tango Achievement

Remember your tango days

  1. Tourist Achievement

Visit all the scenes on the GPS map

  1. Presidential plan Achievement

Someone confused the Tango with the Tango01

  1. Until death do us part Achievement

What happened to the girl of your dreams?

  1. The main gate Achievement

Try to enter the Casa Rosada through the main gate

  1. The Pulse Stabilize Achievement

Gather the five parts of the Pulse Stabilizer

  1. Back to the past Achievement

Give Nicolás everything he needs to complete the new time machine

  1. Phone home Achievement

Install the virus in the Communications Center

  1. This is going to leave a mark Achievement

You have been caught by Sergio’s minions

  1. A new hope Achievement

Escape from Sergio’s Cell

  1. No turning back Achievement

Sergio escapes the Casa Rosada

  1. Cóndor Chocolat Achievement

Find a tablet of the best chocolate in the world

  1. Evil always pays Achievement

Capture Sergio and his minions

  1. The Liberator Achievement

Meet with the General José Francisco de San Martín

  1. Winner Achievement

Finish the game

  1. Riddle Guy Achievement

Finish the game without using the hint system

  1. Marathon Runner Achievement

Finish the game in less than 4 hours

  1. Double Winner Achievement

Finish the game for a second time

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