RimWorld – How to Kill the Infestation

This guide intends to teach new players or seasoned vets the easiest way to defeat the infestation. Hope it can help for you.


Part one: items!

Now to be able to set up the bug holocaust that will soon commence you will need these items.

ONE Some sort of fire producing object preferably a Molotov, however any ranged fire starter works, fire mortars are pretty good as well.

TWO One colonist that can preform violence.


Part two: Execution by fire

STEP ONE: Make a thinish (1-3 thick) tunnel into the cove, then procede to make a Single door at the start of the tunnel.

STEP TWO: Start periodically throwing mollys into the den, attempt to hit the nests but don’t go too deep, when they start to come, Haul♥♥♥♥♥these things are not fun to fight.

Use these pics for reference(this was a custom simulation)

The fire will soon spread and they will begin to go into heatstroke, take care to not let them escape through the walls, by making some steel walls(duh).


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