RimWorld: Slavery Mechanic Guide (Ideology DLC)

The Ideology DLC has introduced the slavery mechanic into the base game. This guide discusses various aspects of this addition as well as some ways to optimize its use. NOTE: This guide is not based on any modding, its principles apply to the base game + the Ideology Expansion.   The Cons of Slavery 1. […]

RimWorld: Comprehensive Dryad Guide

This guide will try to fully cover all of the dryad types, their uses in game, and how they compare to alternatives. Additionally the gauranlen trees will be important.   Gauranlen Trees as a whole Gauranlen trees boast unprecedented hardiness compared to all other plants. They can grow on a wide variety of tiles and […]

RimWorld: How to Update Mods Faster

Here’s a list of the Does and Don’ts of getting your favorite mods to update sooner to whatever the newest release or version of the game is.   Foreword After having browsed the mods to see which ones of my favorites have already been updated or just need a little more time for whatever reason […]

RimWorld – How to Kill the Infestation

This guide intends to teach new players or seasoned vets the easiest way to defeat the infestation. Hope it can help for you.   Part one: items! Now to be able to set up the bug holocaust that will soon commence you will need these items. ONE Some sort of fire producing object preferably a Molotov, […]

RimWorld – How to Make a Successful Base

This guide will show you how to make a successful base in the game.   The Step-by-Step Guide 1.start up rimworld 2.click options 3.turn on console 4.make a new colony and land and stuff 5. turn on god mode (the face) 6.boom ba boom u did it best base   extra you can spawn in […]