Ring Miner: Official Guide

The official guide from the developer.


Thank for playing Ring Miner. This is the official guide of the game.

Ring Miner has two modes: You are either flying the lander, or driving the rover. In each mode, you also control the camera.

It is recommended that you use a gamepad to play Ring Miner, although keyboard+mouse control is available as well.

Camera Control
To control the camera, you hold down the LEFT BUMPER button on your gamepad.

While this button is pressed, the analog sticks will control the camera:

 to track in/out.

RIGHT STICK to change orbit angle and elevation angle.

When the left bumper is pressed, the on-screen gamepad guide will show you the functions for the camera.

When using mouse+keyboard, you can control the camera by right-button dragging with the mouse, and the scroll wheel to zoom.

Lander Control
To control the lander, use these controls:

RIGHT STICK to control the PITCH (UP/DN) and the ROLL (L/R).

LEFT STICK to control the THRUST (FW/BW) and also control the YAW (L/R).


Press (B) to open/close the BAY doors.

Press (X) to SWITCH to rover control: Note the lander will drop to the surface.

Rover Control
When driving the rover, use:



(A) to activate mining LASER.

(X) to SWITCH to lander control.

(B) to open/close BAY door of the lander.

(Y) to lower/raise the laser TURRET.

RIGHT BUMPER will RECOVER a flipped upside-down rover.

Your objective is to explore the ring system, and detect as many elements as possible, using your mining laser.

Before you can start mining, you need to land your transport ship on a flat piece of terrain.

Please note that when you switch if the lander, and fire up the rover, gravity will pull the vehicles towards the center of the rock.

So make sure that the lander’s bottom faces the center of the planetoid when you press (X) to switch to rover control.

Once landed, and switched to rover, you need to open the BAY door with (B), after which, you can simply drive the rover out of the cargo bay.

Once out of the cargo bay, press (Y) to raise your laser TURRET. You can optionally change the laser aim with left-button mouse clicks. But digging straight ahead will work fine as well.

When it is time to leave the planetoid, you need to drive your rover back into the lander bay, but make sure you have your turret lowered for that!

Once inside the bay, press (B) to close the doors, and (X) to fly off with the transport ship.

Trouble shooting
If you have issues with the game, you can ask for help in the forum, or by emailing the author at [email protected] if you want.

When you do so, please include your log file, which you can find at:




C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\*\1461410\local\ringminerlog.txt

Make sure your OpenGL driver is up to date. And that you have an OpenCL driver installed as well.

Known Issues
  • Camera clips through terrain.
  • Seams visible at distance.
  • Lighting anomalies during inter-planetoid space travel.

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