Roblox Armed Disease Control Codes (July 2022): New Capturable Generator

Armed Disease Control is a fighting game developed by Beta Tech Gaming on Roblox. here is a page for you to get the promo codes for free rewards in-game.

The new capturable generator is now out in July 2022.

Updated July 25, 2022 | We checked for new Armed Disease Control Codes


Roblox Armed Disease Control Codes July 2022

Dates sort this list of all codes available and we recommend you redeem them as soon as possible. These codes below will give you rewards and boosts for free in the game.

Note: These codes below are case-sensitive, so ensure you enter them correctly.

Roblox Armed Disease Control Codes (Working)

  • No Armed Disease Control code is working.

Note: we will update the list as there is new code. you can also find the latest updates and codes via Roblox Group and Official Discord.

Roblox Armed Disease Control Codes (Expired)

  • No Armed Disease Control code is expired.


Armed Disease control FAQs

I can’t play on the Security team, what happened?
You gained what is called grief, you gain this via shooting innocent outsiders. Once so much grief has accumulated you are kicked from the security teams till your grief goes down over time. If you have grief and not kicked from the security team, you can lose the grief by waiting, or by killing raiders, and 🚷 trespassing outsiders.

What does the 🧪 mean?
It means an outsider has a blue uniform on awaiting a doctor to cure them, they are allowed in most areas inside the facility aside from the security, officer, and doctor spawn locations as well as the generator area.

What does the 😃 mean?
It means the outsider has been cured, and no longer needs a doctors help, they can roam the facility freely aside from the security spawn area, and the generator.

What does the ⭐ mean?
At level 100 a star will be placed over the users head, a 2nd star will be placed after they reach level 200.

What does the 🚷 mean?
It means that user is a trespasser and can be killed by the security team, this can be lost how ever if you leave the facilities boarder.

What does each team do?
~ Security, they help guard the facility from the raider threat, and set up a checkpoint at the front of the facility. At this check point they stay near the doors and let outsiders line up on the orange lines. As an outsider moves up the line, the Security member is to ask for the outsider to present their ID, in which case if compliant the outsider is allowed to continue through to decontamination If the outsider is not compliant they are asked to leave the facility while using **minimal force**. Lethal force is only for 🚷 trespassers.

~ Officer, they make sure that security is doing their job, and ensured the facility is running smoothly. They can partake in the Security teams job as well.
~Doctor, they await for a patient in decontamination 1 in which they lead the patient through after the patient changes. The doctor then figures out their sickness and leads the patient into the facility to cure them.
~ Raider, they attack the facility due to how the security, and doctors have mistreated their loved ones. They can not attack outsiders or doctors without suffering damage draw back.
~ Outsider, they are the patients of the game, they move to the facility to try to get cured of their sickness.

What does the 🏭 emblem next to my XP bar mean?
It means that the generator is prone to be hacked by a raider. If the emblem is solid, the generator is functional. If it is blinking, it means the generator is hacked and/or being hacked/restored.

Why are there no in game mods?
Exploiters are addressed with anti-exploit scripting. Bad behavior is addressed with game mechanics.

How do I report a hacker/exploiter?
If they have been exploiting over 5 minutes they have evaded the scripts. Record them showing their username and post (include the username in the post) in #screenshots to help us improve our system.

How do I cure people?
Determine their virus, check the lab for the cure, then apply the cures in order. Patient must be in the chamber and the correct intensity must be selected. Some cures require multiple chambers, in order.

Do all diseases have a cure?


Armed Disease control All Symptoms and Cures Locations

About Roblox Armed Disease Control

Armed Disease Control is a Roblox game Released in Feb 2021. you can play four different roles in the game with your teammate. the objective of the game is to fight the virus.

The Visits to the game are over 7.7M and the Favorites are over 62555. (Update July 25, 2022)

The Active players are 128 on 25 July 2022 Currently.


[NEW] 🏭 Capturable generator

Located somewhere in Eastern Europe, stands the first Armed Disease Control facility, representing the one and only hope of humanity's defense against disease. The ADC facility is entrusted by governments around the world to cure and eradicate the most dangerous of the biological threats.

😷 Play as an Outsider and undergo crazy experiments that will lead you to the cure.

🧑‍⚕️ Play as a Doctor curing the patients and dealing with dangerous outbreaks.

👮 Play as a Security Guard laboring to keep the facility functional, safe and clean of disease.

💣 Play as a Raider and wreak havoc upon those who have mistreated your people for so long.

All gamepass purchases are final. No refunds.
🚧 Game is under active development. 🚧

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