Roblox Backrooms Morphs Codes (September 2022): New Endings and Morphs

Backrooms Morphs is a Roblox game developed by POPCAT GANG. this is a page for you to find all promo codes to redeem in the game. enjoy the game.

The new update is now available with new endings and morphs.

Updated September 18, 2022 | We checked for new Backrooms Morphs Codes


Roblox Backrooms Morphs Codes September 2022

Dates sort this list of all codes available and we recommend you redeem them as soon as possible. These codes below let you get free rewards in-game. which will allow you to find new endings and morphs easily.

Note: These codes below are case-sensitive, so ensure you enter them correctly.

Roblox Backrooms Morphs Codes (Working)

  • No Backrooms Morphs code is working.

Note: we will update the list as there is new code. you can also find the latest updates and codes via Roblox Page.

Roblox Backrooms Morphs Codes (Expired)

  • No Backrooms Morphs code is expired.


How to Unlock All Morphs (video by itzVexo)


All Badges List in Backrooms Morphs


  • Escape badge

    YOU ESCAPED!!!!!!! Congratulations

  • Haunted
  • Backrooms Scientist
  • Ben
  • Car
  • Donkey
  • Entity
  • Floppa Exe
  • Mrs Entity
  • Patrick
  • Pibby
  • Rat
  • Shrek Exe
  • Shrek
  • Sanic Exe
  • Spongey
  • Bun bun
  • Mutant
  • Entity3
  • Entity4
  • Entity5
  • Fin
  • George
  • Jake
  • Piggy
  • Buff Doge
  • Clown
  • Dog
  • Guy
  • Orange
  • Entity Baby
  • Mascot
  • Pibby Warrior
  • Spongey Glitched
  • Telebuddy
  • Train Eater

About Roblox Backrooms Morphs

Backrooms Morphs is a new game created in June 2022. the objective of the game is to find and collect all morphs in the game. more new morphs will be added in the upcoming updates.

The Visits to the game are over 219.2 M and the Favorites are over 232411. (Update Sep 18, 2022)

The Active players are 25409 on 18 Sep 2022 Currently.


New update on 82 000 Likes!!!
collect the morphs!

Credits to fragment games for update 1.1.0 and 1.5.0 they were big inspiration for this update.

Like 👍 and hit the ⭐
The new game updates will be about new endings and morphs
enjoy the game

Message @Noobdeveloper13 if there are any bugs

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