Roblox Goofy Runners Codes (Aug 2022): New Level Update

Goofy Runners BETA is a horror game developed by @Official_Bulderme on Roblox. here is a page for you to find the promo codes to redeem in the game.

Note: This game is still in beta and more new levels will be coming soon.

Updated Aug 5, 2022 | We checked for new Goofy Runners Codes


Roblox Goofy Runners Codes Aug 2022

Dates sort this list of all codes available and we recommend you redeem them as soon as possible. These codes below let you get any perks in-game. which will help you escape the backrooms to see the light of day again.

Note: These codes below are case-sensitive, so ensure you enter them correctly.

Roblox Goofy Runners Codes (Working)

  • No Goofy Runners code is working.

Note: we will update the list as there is new code. you can also find the latest updates and codes via Dev Twitter, Dev’s YouTuber, and Official Discord.

Roblox Goofy Runners Codes (Expired)

  • No Goofy Runners code is expired.


All Badges List So Far in Goofy Runners


  • Get killed by Dingle

    You have been killed by Mr. Dingle

  • Get killed by Selene

    You have been captured by Selene.

  • Get killed by ???

    Get killed by the tall beast.

  • Get killed by Obunga

    Get killed by Obunga

  • Get killed by a dog

    It’s just an innocent dog, man.

  • Get killed by a nerd


  • Get killed by a raging storm

    You should treat yourself NOW!

  • Complete Level 1

    Well done.

  • Complete Level 2

    I’m impressed.

  • Complete Level 3

    Pretty easy right?

  • Complete Level 4

    Cake walk right?

  • Tester

    Thank you for testing our game!

  • Get killed by Speed

    They need to die…

  • Get killed by Beast Boy

    Toilet humor

  • Get killed by a laughing guy


  • Complete Level 5

    Ready for what comes next?

  • Get killed by… what?

    Is this the man in your dreams?

  • Get killed by a fish

    blub blub

  • Get killed by Squidward

    Why are you sad? Let me cheer you up.

  • Complete Level 6

    I can go for a swim right now.

  • Get killed by a sewer dweller.

    He roams for his next victim that angers him…

  • Get killed by a rat

    Pretty common for rats to be in a sewer right?

  • Complete Level 7

    Stinky sewer am I right?

  • Locked away

    Some secrets just aren’t meant to be found.

  • Behind thin walls

    Sealed away forever…

  • Secret After Secret

    We creep closer to the truth, one step at a time.

  • Get killed by a… watermelon hat?

    That hat do be looking drip

  • Get killed by an unnerving face

    That stare…

  • Complete Level 8

    Good time to get some fresh air.


About Roblox Goofy Runners

Goofy Runners is a new Roblox game created in June 2022. the objective of the game is to escape various backrooms, there are some goofy creatures in the room and you will need to find the required items to avoid them.

The Visits to the game are over 8.3M and the Favorites are over 131885. (Update July 22, 2022)

The Active players are 12836 on 22 July 2022 Currently.



From parking lots to the Backrooms, you'll need to escape while having danger on your back. Avoid these goofy creatures and see the light of day again.
This game is a reference to all of the moments captured with Nextbot mods in GMod.

!DISCLAIMER! Goofy Runners was released BEFORE Nico's Nextbots, so if you think this game is a copy, then that's false.

👀 Coming Soon 👀 :
- Level 2 revamp
- New level

❗️Update Log❗️:
- Guns added back
- New Level: COMPLEX

- F for Flashlight
- T for level selection.
- SHIFT to slide.
- CONSOLE: 'B' to Slide

Game Design: Krimrie
Scripting and Marketing: Bulderme

🚨NOTE: This game is still in it's early stages so expect minor bugs🚨

Make sure to like the game if you enjoyed it and share it to someone you know!

TAGS: Backrooms, Goofy, Horror, Chase, Funny, Scary, Dark, Silly, GMod, Garry's Mod, Nextbots, bots, Next bots

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