Roblox Raise a Peter: How to Get All Badges & Endings

Roblox Raise a Peter is a new Roblox game developed by Petir Greffins, here is a full list of all badges and endings for the game.

Updated July 8, 2022 | We checked for new Raise a Peter Badges & Endings


Roblox Raise a Peter All Endings Guide (Video by RobloxGamerz)

00:00 – 1:46 Fog ending
1:46 – 2:25 Our house ending
2:25 – 3:08 Death ending
3:08 – 4:47 Mysterious burger ending
4:47 – 19 dollar fortnite card ending



Roblox Raise a Peter All Badges List


  • Welcome

    Peter hopes you take good care of him

  • Petir starved

    How did you forgor to feed petir a borgir!

  • You Thief!

    How dare you leave the store without paying! Now you had to pay with your life.

  • Who Farded?

    Bruh who farded?

  • Party Pooper

    The music was so lit the speaker exploded.

  • Ultra Party

    Volume on 10 and ready to party!

  • The Fog Consumes All

    Beware the F̵̙̺͖̪̳̠͌̃̌̇͠O̸̺̰̊̋͛̽̋G̷̨̝̎͛̀̌̕͝ i̶͖͆͑s̶̯̄̚ ̴͓̱́c̵̠͕͒̈́ò̵͖̱m̸̯̏͠i̶͍̎͝n̴̺͘g̸̱̥̃

  • “Mysterious” death

    I mean, the food did look a little odd… It might have contained a little uranium.

  • A heavy death

    A cave collapsing while you’re in it? Sounds pretty heavy to me.

  • At the bottom of the well

    I suggest not jumping down there.

  • Our House

    In the middle of the street.

  • Completed Tutorial

    You have completed the tutorial. Well done!

  • Struck by lightning

    That’s unfortunate, should have stayed inside…

  • $19 Fornite card [Main Ending]

    You won the $19 fornite card giveaway… but at what cost…

  • Extra set of hands

    Help Ernie beat Peter

  • Full house

    Call everyone to the Griffin household with the phone

  • Remodel

    Buy everything from the computer

  • Pure entertainment

    Entertain Peter with the TV

  • A day has passed

    Peter has aged to 1 day old

  • I’m the host

    Start a game where you were the host of the lobby

  • Warm and cozy

    Light the fireplace

  • All seasons

    In a single play session witness every type of weather

  • Millionare

    Reach 1 million cash

  • Full Party

    Host a game with 6 players

  • My first order

    Purchase an item from the petirnet

  • A robbery has been committed

    A burglar stole your furniture, shouldn’t have left the door open.

  • Not on my watch

    Kill a burglar

  • Trolled

    Ring and run

  • Catch 1 fish

    A nice little weather for catching fish.

  • Catch 10 fish

    That’s enough for a nice dinner with your family.

  • Catch 100 fish

    Planning to feed the homeless with these fish?

  • Catch 1,000 fish

    Alright that’s enough

  • Catch 10,000 fish




Roblox Raise a Peter FAQs

Q: How to get the who farded badge?

A: There is a 1% chance of getting the who farded badge whenever throwing something in the trash bin inside of the gas station. You don’t have to purchase the items you trash

Q: How do I save my game?

A: The game automatically saves on the current lobby name you used. You can re-play the same file by typing in the same game name you played on previously in the lobby creation menu or selecting the save icon and selecting the previous save file name. You can only play on save files you hosted

Q: I have only five trophies, which one am I missing?

A: There are currently only five endings that give a trophy in the game. So you’re missing none.

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