Roblox Ray’s Mod Codes (Aug 2022): New Free Addons, New Map, New Skin and etc

Ray’s Mod is a remake of Garry’s mod by dreamy™ on Roblox. here is a page with a list of all promo codes to redeem in-game, this list will update with the game.

The new July update is now out. nextbots have been improved, new add-ons, new maps, and new free addons!

Updated Aug 5, 2022 | We checked for new Ray’s Mod Codes


Roblox Ray’s Mod Codes Aug 2022

Dates sort this list of all codes available and we recommend you redeem them as soon as possible. These codes below let you get free rewards in-game.

Note: These codes below are case-sensitive, so ensure you enter them correctly.

Roblox Ray’s Mod Codes (Working)

  • No Ray’s Mod code is working.

Note: we will update the list as there is new code. you can also find the latest updates and codes via Official Discord.

Roblox Ray’s Mod Codes (Expired)

  • No Ray’s Mod code is expired.


All Badges List in Ray’s Mod


  • Balloon Popper

    Pop 250 balloons in 1 server.

  • Played for 1 hour

    You played for 1 hour on the same server

  • Survived 10 minutes

    Survive for 10 minutes on zombie survival gamemode

  • Hider Victory

    Win as a hider

  • Seeker Victory

    Win as the seeker

  • Look both ways

    Get run over by a car

  • No drivers license

    Run someone over

  • Gift Hunter

    You’ve found all 5 gifts! You have received 5 free addons as your reward! (Badge can no longer be obtained)

  • Egg Hunter

    For finding all 17 eggs in the Easter event, you have been granted 10 free addons! (Badge can no longer be obtained)

  • Headless

    Lose your head on death

  • Blown to bits

    Die from an explosion

  • Man VS inanimate object

    Take damage from a prop (Must activate prop damage inside spawn menu)

  • Juggernaut

    Reach 1000 health in 1 life.

  • Nice to meet you

    Be in the same server as the Creator

  • Candy Hunter

    You’ve found all 50 pieces of candy and saved Cursed Woods from becoming corrupted by the leader, and you’ve also been rewarded 10 addons! (Badge can no longer be obtained)

  • Firefly Collector

    Although it wasn’t necessary of you, you still went out of your way to collect all Fireflies located in Cursed Woods.

  • Musheye Collector

    Although it wasn’t necessary of you, you still went out of your way to collect all Musheyes located in Cursed Woods.

  • Star Collector

    You collected all 65 stars scattered around Merryland. You have received 8 free addons as your reward! (Badge can no longer be obtained)

  • Millions to one

    Get struck by lightning


About Roblox Ray’s Mod

Ray’s Mod is a remade game created in May 2020. this game is a remade version of the famous game Garry’s mod. the new version 4.0 is now out with new addons, new free group addons, new community maps, new radio skin, and more new content.

The Visits to the game are over 106.4 M and the Favorites are over 551590. (Update July 28, 2022)

The Active players are 1677 on 28 July 2022 Currently.


-Added 8 new addons
-Added 2 new free group addons
-Added 12 new community maps
-Added vote kick in the spawn menu
-Added a search bar in the spawn menu
-Added 1 new radio skin
-Physics gun improvements
-Nextbots are now less dumb
-Updated some addons (shrek and cartoon cat)
-Small improvements

LEFT CLICK- grab object
RIGHT CLICK /G - freeze object
C/Scroll up - move object further
X- move object closer
E- straighten object
R- rotate object

Ray's Mod is a remake of Garry's mod (aka Gmod). You can make a base out of props, drive (vr included!), spawn enemies, play gamemodes, play with friends and just do whatever you want! Including VR support! (working on making VR better)

Check out my old version:

Vehicles by SecondLogic
Gamepass & Badge icons by HappyDeppy
Plane by Crazyman32
VR System by Nexus


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