Roblox True Piece Codes (April 2022): Free Spins and Gems

Here is a full list of all codes to redeem in the Roblox True Piece game. which will let you get unlock spins and gems for free.

Updated April 24, 2022 | We checked for new True Piece Codes


Roblox True Piece Codes April 2022

This list of all codes available is sorted by dates and we recommend you redeem them as soon as possible. These codes allow you to obtain various bonuses for free and quickly.

Note: These codes below are case-sensitive, so make sure that you are entering them correctly.

Roblox True Piece Codes(Working)

  • No True Piece codes are active.

Note: We will update this list as long as new codes are released.

Roblox True Piece Codes(Expired)

  • 3 Perk spins, 30 Gems and 1 Race Spin (Expires December 9) → 10MILLVISITS
  • 3 Perk spins, 30 Gems and 60 mins 2x Drop boost (Expires December 7) → 100KMEMS
  • 5 Perk spins, 50 Gems and 120 mins 2x Drop boost (Expires December 3) → 50KTRUELIKES
  • 2 Perk spins and 60 mins 2x Drop boost (Expires Dec 2) → 75KFAVS
  • 3 Perk spins (Expires December 2) → NEWSERVERCODES
  • 2 Perk spins, 30 Gems et 60 minutes de boost 2x Drop → 40KLIKES
  • 2 Perk spins et 60 minutes de boost 2x Drop → 30KLIKES
  • 3 Perk spins et 60 minutes de boost 2x Drop → 25KLIKES
  • 2 Perk spins et 30 Gems → 40KFAVS
  • 3 Perk spins, 60 minutes boost 2x Drop and 30 Gems → 1MILLVISIT
  • 5 Perk spins, 120 minutes de boost 2x Drop et 50 Gems → LETSGO10K
  • 2 Perk spins → TRUESPINS
  • 5 Perk spins, boost d’XP et 30 Gems → 5KTRUELIKES
  • 30 Gems → GIMMIEFRUIT
  • 30 Gems et boost d’XP → 2KTRUELIKES
  • 1 Race spin et 30 Gems → WELOVECODES
  • 30 Gems et 20 minutes de boost 2x Drop → 1KTRUELIKES
  • 5 Perk spins → SORRYFORSHUTDOWNS
  • 5 Perk spins → PERKSHOWNOW
  • 5 Perk spins → FREESPINS
  • 5 Perk spins, 2 Race spins, 60 minutes de boost d’XP et 100 Gems → TRUEPIECEISHERE


How to Redeem Codes in True Piece

Image Credit to Gamewave

  1. Click the toothed wheel at the right bottom of your screen.
  2. Type your codes in the text field “ENTER CODE HERE” of the new window Named “SETTINGS”
  3. Redeem your code and you will get your bonuses in-game

Note: You can only enter one code at a time. if you want to redeem more codes. just repeat the steps above.


About Roblox True Piece

True Piece is a game developed by @DivineTempest. Created on September 15, 2021, and recently updated, True Piece is a game that includes, as you might expect, some important elements of the One Piece universe such as the famous Demon Fruit, which will appear in game every 30 minutes. Of course, True Piece will have a nice RPG base, which will allow you to freely explore many worlds, where you will have the opportunity to fight multiple enemies. To make the most of your new adventure, we can’t advise you enough to use the True Piece codes available above.



Welcome to True Piece, be a pirate or marine, obtain bounty or reputation to show your status increasing your offensive and defensive power! You are able to learn many different skills such as combat and weapon skills, explore the diverse world and fight bosses and obtain rare items to increase your battle power! 
Fruits: Fire, Magma, Ice, Light, Lightning, Dark, Smoke, Sand, Snow, Mochi, Chop, Rubber, Tremor, String, Gravity, Operation, Barrier, Phoenix, Bomb, Spinosaur
Current level cap - 500
Fruits spawn every hour and despawn after 30 minutes.
Bosses spawn every 3 minutes.
Crews act as party system.
Premium players get 5 gems hourly!
WW - Sprint
Q - Dash
E - Block
R - Change Weapon

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