Robot Soccer Challenge: Quick 100% Guide

Here is a guide to quickly 100% Robot Soccer Challenge.


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This achievement is simply earned by starting up the game. It could take a few minutes for it to load.

Tutorial Completed

Complete the 6 steps of the tutorial. Make sure you do not let the opponents score on you, as you will instantly lose & have to re-try that specific step.

Goals & Win Achievements

All of these can be done fairly fast together. To start it off, you should start by selecting championship (to timesave not having to start new matches, as it will continue with the same settings)

Then for the best optimal match, select “Classic”. This means you can be first to the ball any time, because the ball spawns at the same area each time

First goal!

You simply score a goal

First win!

Win a match. This one should be integrated with one of the next 5 achievements for best possible timesave.

Your team won with (1-5) goal(s)

These achievements indicate not winning by a set amount of goals, but to win by having that specific amount of goals. Win by having 1 goal, 2 goals… you get the drill

What you want to do is to drive straight to the ball, once you grab ahold of it, quickly circle to the side and drive (or shoot it at their net) to score an easy goal.

Once you’ve acquired your set target of goals, grab the ball, drive in loops (W + A or D), and they will never catch up to you. Alternatively, you can balance them on your back, or simply drive away from them. As long as you’re doing a timewaste for the 2 minutes, you’re good.

If you memorize this guide before playing, you should be able to 100% this game in 15-20minutes. (Or even faster, if you do the tutorial quickly)

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