Rock of Ages 3 Make & Break: How to Achieve High King Rank

So the same annoying rank achievements from RoA2 came back in RoA3. Now multiplayer-only achievements are not my favorites, but at least on this game it’s even easier to get solo then it was on RoA2. I’ll show you how I got it solo, and how you can get it relatively easily. All you’ll need is just a little bit of your time.


The method
To get this achievement solo, you’ll need to defeat the AI over and over. Now, in RoA2, if you had a controller, you could fight against yourself and climb the ranks that way, but on this game we have the community levels, so we just need to find a map that’s quick and lets us win while the AI can’t win. Luckily, such a map exists.

  • Name: rank up
  • ID: 3E3J7

It is a very short map, where the AI for some reason never places units. The AI also only uses weak boulders that recharge after yours, so you don’t even need to place units yourself to defend against the AI.

I’ve gone ahead and counted the TOTAL amount of wins it’ll take for you to reach each rank, starting at 0 rank. You’ll just need to win 29 times to get to High King (A).

  • E – 4
  • D – 8
  • C – 14
  • B – 20
  • A – 29

The best way to go about that map is with the following loadout:

  • Boulder: Sand Boulder (it has the best balance of recharge time and damage to the enemy’s gate)
  • Units: Guillotine, Fan, Fireworks, Lion Balloon, Phoenix Tree (COMPLETELY OPTIONAL!)

With those choices, you’ll always deal 178-180 damage to the gate, killing it in 3 hits. Each battle takes 4 minutes from selecting a team to victory, if you always go when your boulder is ready.

The units I selected are just there to give you easy/fun ways to slow down the enemy, but again, you don’t need them, you’ll always win if you always send out your boulder when it’s ready. Remember that money bags also fall on the enemies side, if you’re gonna place units.

If you’re curious, this is how I like to setup my defenses on this map:

A weird thing I’ve noticed on this map: There is a spot where you can place a phoenix tree right on top of an already existing structure, clear the squares below that same unit, and then place another unit, stacking them on top of each other. With that you can for example place 2 guillotines on top of each other (with the blades pointing at opposite directions) causing any enemy boulder to die instantly if it touches the blades.

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