Rocksmith® 2014 Edition Remastered: How to Fix 0xc0000005 Error

So I recently got the 0xc0000005 error when launching Rocksmith 2014. It would get to the profile screen and crash. I have found a quick fix.

First, disable Steam Cloud Sync on Rocksmith 2014.
Right click Rocksmith 2014>Properties>Updates. “Enable Steam Cloud synchronization” should be ticked off.

Next, locate your “userdata” folder where you installed Steam. Usually, it’s in C:\Program Files\Steam\userdata. And then, click on the folder with your Steam ID. It’s usually a seemingly random string of numbers. Then enter “221680”, and then remote. Remove the “crd” file and launch the game. It should now work.

From my understanding, the crd file handles the Ubisoft account you use when you launch the game and sync with. Logging in again made my game crash again, so I would advice against that.

By björn dödelid

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