ROG CITADEL XV: 100% Achievement Guide

How to do every achievements of the ROG CITADEL XV game.



Hello fellow achievement hunters 😀

The game is 100%able in 30 minutes and I’ll tell you all the steps to get all the achievements.

Thanks a lot to MrAwesomeFalcon on the 100Pals Discord for the english mistakes correction 😀

Hoarder / Gearhead

Experience the entire story and gather every collectables.

Check out every products on display.

One of the “hardest” achievements of the game, you should interact with a list of objects and videos :

  • 4 items on the robot room, 3 of them are mandatory (the jukebox, the trophy and the gun). Once the robot asks you to leave the room, check the comic on the couch.

  • The 6 laptops and computers on one of the side the main room :

  • The 8 ROG stuffs on one of the side of the main room :

  • The 3 graphic cards and the computer on one of the side of the main room :

  • The notebook on the middle of the main room.

  • All the profile picture on the map, near the notebook.

  • Both of the videos that sit on the sides of the main room

  • The final collectables are two secret vids that you can watch while talking 5/6 times to the ROG robot at the end of the story. He is standing on the main room.

Sharp Shooter

Sharp Shooter
Score over 2,000,000 points in Shooting Range

The easiest achievement of the game. You basically have to score 2.000.000 points in the Shooting Range at the end of the story. You should get it on the first try, if that’s not the case, keep trying 😀

On the first try, here are my stats, you should hit something like 80 hits to get the achievement


Hit over 85% of the targets in Shooting Range.

Just hit one target near the middle of the target and you’ll have 100% accuracy.

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