Roguebook: How to Fix the GameboxEngineService ERROR

This guide describes how to fix the GameboxEngineService ERROR which leads to a crash at the first battle.


The error message

This is the moment before the first battle starts:

The battle does not load properly, and following screen appears:

The error message states that the GameboxEngineService encountered an error at initialization, and that you should check the logs for more information:

ERROR GameboxEngineService:0 - Could not initialize GameBox (-4): check logs in %USERPROFILE%\AppData\LocalLow\Abrakam Entertainment SA\Roguebook\gamebox_logs


The explanation

If you check the logs, you will see that several game files have the same id:

Multiple files match the format for script of entity id 9:


There are actually 67 problematic files, and it is possible to remove the duplicate ids with Python[]. However, you will encounter other kinds of error afterwards, because the files have not been updated in a long time. For instance:

[email protected],07 COMPILATION ERROR [GameBox::EntityInfoLibraryServiceImpl::[email protected]] Error(s) while reading entity with id 94 from json:
0x0000000c: Semantic Error - Could not find getter 'bearer' on type 'entity<creature>' 
 line 2:
    if (castToDeckCard( == this.bearer.heroType) INDENT


So what you want instead is to fetch the latest build of the game!

The Fix

You can force an update of your game by forcing download_depot of the public branch.

To do so:

  • Open Steam’s console, e.g. by typing Win+R and then:
  • Write down the manifestID of the latest build, which you can find on SteamDB[].
  • Download the game content with:
    download_depot 1076200 1076201 manifestID

    For instance, on the day of the game release (June 17, 2021):

    download_depot 1076200 1076201 7529912476901754664

    NB: The depotID for Windows is 1076201, but for Mac, it is 1076202, and for Linux: 1076203.

  • Copy steamapps\content\app_1076200\depot_1076201 to steamapps\common\Roguebook
    which, in case you need a more detailed process, means to:
  • Rename Roguebook to Roguebook_old in steamapps\common\
  • Copy depot_1076201 from steamapps\content\app_1076200\ to steamapps\common\
  • Rename depot_1076201 to Roguebook in steamapps\common\

If you want to update your build in the future, check the history of manifestIDs[] for game updates, or the history of changes[] for a more verbose output.

The result


Caveat: do not ask Steam to verify the game files, or you will be back to square one.

Thanks to Wok for his great method to fix the GameboxEngineService ERROR. all credit to his effort. you can also check out the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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