Roguebook: All Talents List (How to Unlock)

Here is a list of all character and party talents.   Introduction Hopefully I’ve caught all talents there are. If there’s one missing, please tell me and I might add it to the list. Talents unlock at certain deck sizes: 14, 18, 22, 26, 30, 34 cards. There is a treasure to reduce the necessary […]

Roguebook: Beginner Guide & Tips

This is a compendium of handy tips for those in the first hours of Roguebook. Read this to save time and optimise your experience!   To Begin… …don’t be frustrated! Roguebook, as the name implies, is a roguelike game. You are supposed to fail, and fail often, as you develop strategies and learn the game. […]

Roguebook: How to Fix the GameboxEngineService ERROR

This guide describes how to fix the GameboxEngineService ERROR which leads to a crash at the first battle.   The error message This is the moment before the first battle starts: The battle does not load properly, and following screen appears: The error message states that the GameboxEngineService encountered an error at initialization, and that […]