ROUNDS: Good Cards & Good Sets

This is a guide about cards and sets that i think are good, and useful.


Good Life Steal cards
1. Leech- Steals hp when damaged enemy.

2. Life stealer- i have no idea, all i know it probably life steals.

3. Parasite- Steals hp when damaged enemy and damages them slowly also.

sorry if i forgot anything, any card that has life steal in it is good.

Good Block Cards
1. Saw- Creates a circle with a saw around it when you block.

2. Supernova- Stuns the enemy I THINK.

3. Silence- Stuns enemy.

4. Static Field- Stuns enemy.

5. EMP- i forgot, it does something good

6. Healing Field- Creates a circle with a timer that will heal you when the timer is finished, you have to be inside the circle to heal.

i know there’s more, but i forgot the names of them. any block related card is probably good, especially cards that stun the enemy.

Good damage sets/builds
1. Explosive bullet X spray X fast ball OR Steady shot. This build is pretty op if u dont kill yourself with it.

2. Fastball X Poison x2. This build is pretty good since you can one shot the enemy depending on their cards. you can also use steady shot instead of fastball.

I only have 2 because the rest of the builds that do alot of damage are also life steal related. Go to that section if you want more builds.

Life steal Sets/Builds
1. Fast ball x leech x parasite. You can also put in poison for a really op set. You just need to hit the enemy and they will probably be low depending on their cards.

I only have 1 since there’s not that much life steal cards, but when u see a life steal card, i would get it.

Good HP Cards
Healing field- When you block it creates a circle and a timer for when you will heal. You have to be in the circle for the heal.

Tank- More HP

Huge- More HP

Good HP Sets/Builds
If you want a HP build, just get anything that gives you hp if its worth it.

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