ROUNDS: List Of Cards

I’ve gathered some card names here because I wanted a list to use in sandbox. Comment the missing ones and I’ll add them.

Character Mutators

These add character effects and change character attributes
Huge – +80% hp
Chase +60% movement speed when moving towards opponent
Refresh – You get block back when you deal damage
Quick Reload -70% reload time
Tank – +100% hp -25% attack +0.5s reload
Defender – -30% block cooldown +30% hp
Abyssal Countdown – Stand still to summon dark powers
Taste of blood – +50% movement speed after dealing damage
Careful Planning +100% damage -100% attack speed +0.5s reload
Glass Cannon +100% Damage -100% hp +0.25s reload time
Scavenger – Dealing damage reloads your weapon +0.5s reload time
Steady Shot – +40% hp +100% bullet speed +0.25s reload time
Decay – Damage to you is spread over 4 seconds +50% hp
Combine – +100% damage -2 ammo 0.5s reload

Weapon Mutators

These change how your weapon fires

Spray – +1000% atkspd +12 ammo -75% damage +0.25s reload
Barrage – Fire many bullets at the same time +4 bullets +5 ammo -70% damage +0.25s reload
Burst – Multiple bullets are fired in a sequence +2 bullets +3 ammo -60% damage +0.25s reload
Quick Shot +150% bullet speed +0.25s reload
Fastball – +250% bullet speed -50% atkspd +0.25s reload
Buckshot – shotgun +4 bullets +5 ammo -60% damage +0.25s reload

Bullet Mutators

These add additional effects to projectiles

Sneaky Bullets avoid the ground +0.25s reload time
Thruster Bullets have thrusters that push targets +0.25s reload time
Target Bounce Bullets aim for targets after bouncing +1 bounce -20% damage +0.25s reload
Timed Detonation Bullets spawn bombs that explode after 0.5s -15% damage +0.25s reload
Riccochet – Bullets lose half of their speed when they bounce. +2 bullet bounces +25% attack speed +0.25s reload time
Toxic Cloud – Bullets spawn a poison cloud on impact, clouds deal damage and slow -25% damage -20% attack speed +0.5s reload
Leech – +75% lifesteal +30% hp
Big Bullet – Bigger Bullets +0.25 reload
Dazzle – Bullets stun the opponent multiple times. +0.25 reload
Bouncy +2 Bullet bounces +25% damage +0.25s reload time

Blocking Mutators

These add additional effects when blocking

Echo Blocking triggers another block +30% hp +0.25s block cooldown
Frost Slam Slows enemies around when you block +30% hp +0.25s block cooldown
Shockwave Blocking moves opponents away +50% hp +0.25s block cooldown
Empower Blocking increases damage & speed of next shot. triggers block abilities on impact
Silence Blocking silences enemies nearby +25% hp +0.25s block cooldown
Shield Charge Blocking launches you forward and triggers another block on end +0.25s block cooldown
Overpower – Deals 15% of your max hp to enemies around you when you block +30% hp + 0.25s block cooldown
Bombs away – Spawn a bunch of small bombs around you when you block +30%hp +0.25s block cooldown
Healing Field – Blocking created a healing field +30% hp +0.25s block cooldown
Radar – Blocking scans area for enemies and shoots them automatically. +30% hp +0.25s Block cooldown
Static Field – Blocking creates a field that slows and deals damage +0.25s block cooldown

By Kamaii

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