ROUNDS: Good Cards & Good Sets

This is a guide about cards and sets that i think are good, and useful.   Good Life Steal cards 1. Leech- Steals hp when damaged enemy. 2. Life stealer- i have no idea, all i know it probably life steals. 3. Parasite- Steals hp when damaged enemy and damages them slowly also. sorry if […]

ROUNDS: All Cards Sorted by Type

I made this guide to make finding the cards you want for sandbox easier. All cards are sorted by type, then rarity, then alphabetically.   Bullet Cards Common: Big Bullet: Adds a large ring around bullets, greatly increasing their hitbox, +.25 seconds reload time. Burst: +2 bullets, +3 ammo, -60% damage, +.25 seconds reload time. […]

ROUNDS: List Of Cards

I’ve gathered some card names here because I wanted a list to use in sandbox. Comment the missing ones and I’ll add them. Character Mutators These add character effects and change character attributes Huge – +80% hp Chase +60% movement speed when moving towards opponent Refresh – You get block back when you deal damage Quick Reload […]