Rover Wars: General Tips and Tricks

Building efficiently is crucial for your victory! Don’t build too close to a previous building until you have expanded your build-able area! Once you have reached the point you wanted to conquer on a map build as close to other factories as possible, denying your opponent the possibility to plant a factory of their own between your lines!
– be careful for deathrays.. these happen but you might not wanna lose too much at once.

Knowing what to build in what situation

There are some situations you can get into when playing Rover Wars, We will give some general tips what to build in what situation and why.

  • The start of a game
    At the start of the game you generally get 20 resources (unless you altered the settings).
    Use these to gain as much build-able area as possible if the map allows it.
    Gaining ground vs. your opponent is a good way to limit their options!
  • The comeback story of the year
    If you are in a pinch and are on the losing hand, be sure to break through your opponents lines by using bomber minions and protecting them with your rover! Nothing leaves a scar as much as factories exploding into little pieces! Be sure to fill in the freshly opened spot if your build-able area allows it, to slowly but surely regain some ground.
  • On the winning side
    If you are on the winning hand and want to close up the game, be sure to build as close to your opponents base as possible. This will close up your opponents build-able area as he will have no place to build at. Make sure your opponent doesn’t farm from your forces marching down on his base as he will be able to call in a deathray large enough to destroy your hard work!
    If you want to dominate completely try making a path to your opponents base and plant some factories near the base, making the minions march right in there.

By EmVee

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