Rover Wars: Levels & Maps Guide

In this guide we highlight the levels and ways of approaching different type of maps.



The planet mars covers 6 Arenas where you can fight for planetary domination!

As Mars is the first planet you encounter during the campaign these maps are also the most straight forward. On this map you can see all the levels and their most optimized build paths.

We will be discussing the maps from left to right, row 1 to row 2. In that manner we will name them 1 through 6 as we discuss them.

  • Map 1
    This map has a pretty simple layout, having 2 paths towards each others base.
    We recommend building in both lanes to keep pressure from 2 sides on your opponent.
  • Map 2
    This map is similar to the first one, only this one focuses on using the 2 lanes instead of a middle point on the map. This map has 2 routes you can build onto making it a more intense map as you have to maintain 2 lanes that are divided from each other.
  • Map 3
    A complete open map. Expand your build-able area as fast as possible to control the battlefield!
  • Map 4
    This map is quite similar to map 2. However, this differs in a way that you can build more factories on the sides of the center point.
    Try to reach the center point as quickly as possible on both sides and start stealing your opponents build-able area, guaranteeing a swift victory. Unless you get deathrayed of course…
  • Map 5
    Another completely open map. This map has a straight head on build-able area.
    Gain as much as ground as soon as possible!
  • Map 6
    The skull as we like to call it, is the most complex map on the planet Mars. This map has effectively 2 lanes but also an interesting middle point to conquer. Once you control the middle of the map you get a free pass building in all available directions. Stacking your factories on the bottom side of the map is a good strategy but also a risky one as it will be harder to come back once you lose control of the upper half of the map!

Trappist – 12

Trappist – 12 is a cold, snowy planet with a lot of rocks and an easter egg!
Due to the rocky environments the maps are also more complex.

We will go through the different kind of maps in the same order as we did at Mars.
(left to right, row 1 to 2)

  • Map 1
    This map is the first map we encounter with a 3 lane system.
    As seen in other games, 3 lanes also mean 3 times the work!
    To gain total control over the battlefield you have to control the 3 lanes. however this does not mean you have to occupy these 3 lanes. Occupying these 3 lanes can also be done by building some factories in front of the lanes, making the minions march through the lane!
  • Map 2
    On this map the 2 bases are set right behind each other but not in each others range.
    This way the player has to build a path around the center to reach the opponents base, or does he?
    The main tip for this map is, try to build some factories close to the center wall, making your build-able area grow. This way you might be able to pop the area over the wall and build a factory near the opponents base. To prevent your opponent from building factories near your base you can build there yourself, making the build spots occupied.
  • Map 3
    On map 3 we can see a 3 lane system popping up again. The catch on this map is that the center is also split up making it an interesting spot to conquer. Don’t loose your overview over the side lanes as it might get hot at the center!
  • Map 4
    Map 4 has an S-shape , making it in fact a single lane map. However you can build factories at the outcrops of the map to fortify your presence on the opponents side of the map.
  • Map 5
    Map 5 is another 3 lane system with a big vertical split throughout the map. This vertical split devides the map in 2 parts. Once you can conquer the opponents part you can abuse the build-able area to quickly put down some factories. That way you can prevent your opponent from coming back into the game.

Beta Librae

Beta Librae is the last planet you encounter whilst fighting for planetary domination!
This planet has the most complex maps, with different shapes requiring different strategies.

We go in the same order as the previous 2 planets.

  • Map 1
    The Serpent Pas. This map has a straight head on route with the opposing base.
    Because all minions travel the same route it is vital you build up a good foundation of different minion types along the way. Build-able area quickly gets scarce so use the available space wisely.
  • map 2
    Map 2 re-introduces the 3 lane system but with a twist. To get over the center line of the map you must first expand your build-able area to the center of the map. From there on out you can build over the center rocks grabbing ground from your opponent, reducing their possibilities of building.
  • Map 3
    Map 3 has closed in bases, forcing you to guide minions towards them. The center of the map is where all the action takes place! Try to optimize your built patterns to build as much as factories as possible. This way you can gain an advantage over your enemy by having more minions forcing their way to your opponents base.
  • Map 4
    Although map 4 looks like a normal 3 lane based map, it gets far more interesting with larger side lanes and a big open area in the middle. The side lanes are perfect for sneaking out some minions to your opponents base! Try forcing your opponent to focus on the middle part of the map while you build your way up to their base!
  • Map 5
    Map 5 is all about managing your build-able area in a nice organized fashion. As the places to build factories are scarce you will have to have a battle plan in mind to know what you will build where. As there will not be as many factories on this map as on other you will also have to keep an eye out for resources, less minions equal less resources.
  • Map 6
    LAst but not least, Map 6! Map 6 has some different interesting spots to conquer. First off you would want to build a good foundation near your base, expanding towards the center. Try to clear your opponents factories with some bomber action before he totally captures the center of the map!

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