RPG Maker MZ: Plugin Lists 2021

A list of recommended Plugin Developers to help improve your RPG Maker MZ experience.


Community Made Plugin Directory

Maker Devs
  • Website[makerdevs.com]
  • A great website that serves as an international plugin library for RPG Maker engines.
Tkool Plugin Post MZ
  • Website[plugin-mz.fungamemake.com]
  • A great website that serves as a plugin library for RPG Maker MZ created by the Japanese community.
General Plugin Developers
  • Website[visustella.itch.io] || Plugin Site[visustellamz.itch.io]
  • Free and Paid Plugins available.
  • Diverse team of talented developers lead by Archeia and Yanfly to provide feature rich plugins and graphics.
  • Released Plugins: 65
Atelier RGSS
  • Website[atelierrgss.wordpress.com]
  • Free Plugins.
  • Moghunter is well known for his visual scripts that enable creatives to expand the visual capabilities of RPG Maker.
  • Released Plugins: 23
Raizens Plugins
  • Website[raizen884.itch.io]
  • Free Plugins.
  • An alternative library to provide more control over RPG Maker’s systems. Their plugins feature a broad range of effects from battle systems to cursor changes.
  • Released Plugins: 20
Galvs Plugins
  • Website[galvs-scripts.com]
  • Free Plugins.
  • A longtime community favorite, Galv makes a wide range of quality plugins for RPG Maker MZ. Their plugins allow a breadth of different features including audio/visual effects, event utility, map plugins, scenes/systems and more.
  • Released Plugins: 22
Blue Coral Games
  • Website[bluecoralgames.com]
  • Free Plugins.
  • Longtime veteran and ReStaff contributor, Fomar0153, provides several complex plugin features for RPG Maker MZ projects. Many of which will add interesting and diverse gameplay to battle systems and more.
  • Released Plugins: 15
Estrioles Plugins
  • Website[www.makerdevs.com]
  • Free Plugins.
  • Longtime veteran, Estriole. provides a variety of plugins for improving small features in your projects, such as autocoloring text and ways to define currency.
  • Released Plugins: 10
Caethyrils Plugins
  • Website[forums.rpgmakerweb.com]
  • Free Plugins.
  • Caethyril provides a fairly broad library of plugins which includes many quality of life features, as well as gameplay mechanics such as jumping.
  • Released Plugins: 19
Hakuen Studio
  • Website[hakuenstudio.itch.io]
  • Free Plugins.
  • Boasting a wide library of plugins for RPG Maker MZ, Hakuen Studio has many plugins that will enhance quality of life aspects in your projects.
  • Released Plugins: 41
Casper Gaming
  • Website[casper-gaming.itch.io]
  • Free Plugins.
  • Casper Gaming adds a lot of different gameplay features to your projects, including a Bestiary, Professions and Crafting.
  • Released Plugins: 23
  • Website[forums.rpgmakerweb.com]
  • Free Plugins.
  • Lunatechs is a plugin team that provides MIT plugins of varying sizes and porting of the famous Quxios[quxios.github.io] plugins.
  • Released Plugins: 27
Pheonix Kagedesu
  • Website[kdworkshop.net]
  • Free and Paid Plugins.
  • Pheonix Kagedesu currently provides a small but potentially powerful library. Their available plugins add significant changes to gameplay features such as Pocket Events which allows the player to spawn events from the inventory.
  • Released Plugins: 6
DK Plugins
  • Website[dk-plugins.ru]
  • Free and Paid Plugins.
  • DK Plugins has a range of different small plugins for RPG Maker MZ which can add a touch of extra polish to your games, such as debugging tools and localization plugins.
  • Released Plugins: 20
  • Website[notritter.itch.io]
  • Free and Paid Plugins.
  • notRitter has published a handful of plugins that affect how events function in your project.
  • Released Plugins: 4
Ramzas Plugins
  • Website[capnrammo.itch.io]
  • Paid Plugins.
  • Ramza has a small library of plugins that provide several different gameplay features that affect the battle system, as well as their own crafting system.
  • Released Plugins: 8

Japanese General Plugin Developers

  • Website[triacontane.blogspot.jp] || Plugin Site[docs.google.com]
  • Free Plugins.
  • Plugins varying from small adjustments to new features.
  • Released Plugins: 79
Kannazuki Sasuke
  • Website[forum.tkool.jp]
  • Free Plugins.
  • Plugins to control and change battle flow.
  • Released Plugins: 6
  • Website[forum.tkool.jp]
  • Free Plugins.
  • Plugins to control and change battle flow and display. Some revert the layout to previous MV style if you prefer the old way how information is displayed.
  • Released Plugins: 16
Lulus Church
  • Website[nine-yusha.com]
  • Free Plugins.
  • Plugins that provide visual extensions and quality of life features.
  • Released Plugins: 12

Niche Plugin Developers

Hudells Map Plugins
  • Website[hudell.com]
  • Free Plugins.
  • Hudell has released a small amount of map plugins that will affect things in your project such as tileset limitations and tile priority.
  • Released Plugins: 3
Cutievirus MZ3D
  • Website[cutievirus.itch.io]
  • Paid Plugin.
  • Allows users to create 3D-esque games in RPG Maker.
  • Released Plugins: 1
Kaliyas Visual Map Enhancements
  • Website[kaliya.itch.io]
  • Paid Plugins.
  • Kaliya developed a plugin that significantly improves the way that lighting is handled by using regions to determine how light should be cast on your project’s maps.
  • Released Plugins: 1
Anisofts Prime Parallax
  • Website[anisoft.itch.io]
  • Free and Paid Plugins.
  • Anisoft is building a library which so far boasts a parallax plugin for cool fog effects and water reflections.
  • Released Plugins: 3
SRDudes HUD Maker
  • Website[sumrndm.site]
  • Free and Paid Plugins.
  • SRDude has built a HUD Maker for RPG Maker MZ that allows for the creation of map and battle HUDs using an external, custom-built editor.
  • Released Plugins: 3

By Archeia and DegiO

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